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A class action lawsuit has been launched against the state of Arizona in regards to the State's use of an individual's Social Security number as their driver's license number, which was the policy from 1986 until three years ago. The suit claims that the state has been negligent in failing to inform citizens of the dangers of identity theft as a result of a person's Social Security number being known. The suit was filed on behalf of residents of the state, and is calling for notification of identity theft dangers, as well as for compensation for those who have had to pay to have their driver's license number changed

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na Drivers License for over 10 years and have had it stolen approx. 5 times over the past 10 years. Twice it was in my purse which was stolen from the grocery store,a few months later it hit me that my passport card was also in my stolen purse.) I continued calling the stores (as well as requesting they review security cameras-which I was then notified were fake. I attempted to file a police report, in Chandler AZ, where it happened and was basically blamed for being 'victim' told I should have known better, was an easy mark for criminals, and just don't let i happen again.When I went to Rocky Point Mexico, where I owned a beach condo, I was informed a blonde female had used my passport card within the past 2 weeks but that was all they could tell me. I never filed or submitted a complaint/violation notice because I 1st/am one of those people who thinks "why would someone want to use my social security and personal information" and 2nd/ The time I did report my idenity theft to Chandler Police, I was basically insulted, demeaned and felt humuliated. Months later my car was broken into and my DL and credit cards & all my money when I ran to take my shopping cart back into the store.I can recall two different occasions when my DL was not returned to me after using it to prove my idenitty. On a flight to see my dad in NYC & Alligent Airlines never returned my DL and even claimed lost it. Raising 4 teenage girls and 2 boys can be disgracting, as a low guess, I would say there have been aapprox. 6 times when I never received my ID..AZ drivers license back after purchasing various items, on several occassions at shopping stores. For the most part, idenity theft never occurred to me, as I would never consider doing anything that horrible to someone and I usually just went online to request a new license. Until recently, I'm involved in a tricky divorce and being a fulltime homemaker, I never concerned myself with bills or a credit report. Until my husband of 20+ years,a Cosmetic Surgeon w/his own private operating room, abandon us in our 6000sq foot home after forging my signature on countless investment accounts and legal documents cashing in/clearing out ALL MY LIFE SAVINGS. He'd even stole $302k, cash I had in a hidden home safe. He filed false haressment orders so we couldn't go to our medical office for financial records (Accountants always paid our bills) nor could we communicate with him. I tried to maintain the home, as that is where I raised my family, but it was financially impossible. I discovered he'd stopped making house payments over 7 mo. prior to disappearing and the mortgage company constantly called letting me know it was over 8 months behind and the bank was taking my home if I didn't (and I no longer did} have the past due amount of $54k. The electric, gas and water all stopped working and I discovered Robert had opened all the utility company accounts under MY name and social security number, including residence's I'd never knew existed (his girlfriends} all were in default,to have electric or showers in our home I"d have to pay back balances of over $7600.

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