Nationwide Class Action Filed over Defective GE Microwave Ovens

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On May 19, 2009, a lawsuit was filed against the General Electric Company and Samsung Electronics, Inc., in connection with GE-branded microwave ovens. The lawsuit seeks certification of a nationwide class on behalf of persons who have owned a GE-branded microwave oven manufactured on or after January 1, 2000.

According to plaintiff's counsel, "The lawsuit alleges that GE and Samsung were responsible for the design, manufacturing, branding, marketing, and sale of microwave ovens that contained a defect that made the microwave ovens unreasonably dangerous. Because of the defect, the microwave ovens are susceptible to activating on their own, leading to smoke and potentially extensive fire damage. We also allege in the Complaint that Defendants were aware of the defect no later than 2002 but failed to take the necessary corrective measures or to warn consumers."

The lead plaintiff, Timothy Hennigan, purchased a GE-branded microwave oven in February of 2001. In June of 2008, Mr. Hennigan's microwave began running completely on its own, causing the emission of sparks and smoke. As a result, Mr. Hennigan's home suffered smoke-related damage, and his microwave oven could no longer be used. Through their investigations, lawyers for the putative class have uncovered dozens of reports of similar incidents across the country, including incidents that led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage and pet fatalities.

The Complaint seeks, among other things, compensatory damages, restitution, and a permanent injunction.

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Just two days ago my Samsung over the range microwave turned on itself while my hand was inside removing a bowl of leftovers I had just reheated. Thank goodness it wasn't one of my grandkids or anyone else for that matter! Now I know what my food feels like when it's being cooked. My microwave is about seven years old and I hadn't heard about any recalls. Should I call Samsung about this matter or just throw the microwave out and move on?. I did remove it immediately and bought a new one.

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Well my husband myself are both Samsung Junkies every piece of electronics in my house is Samsung down to my vacuum cleaner I will say the vacuum cleaner sucks so well that it would suck the paint right up off the road however we have had issues with 1 the main board or power board went out in a television we had they this has been going on since 2017 they said they were going to initiate a refund for the television I sent him a message after I had filled out my refund paperwork asking if they could either send a check or could they change the deposit to another bank I was told I'm not sure I will check on it and I will get back in touch with you I heard hide nor hair from anyone at they went ahead and deposited the money into Woodforest Bank this is where everything goes so crazy in the Rye so they deposited $1,200 in to Woodforest Bank where they sent the deposit to the bank considering that the account was closed the check should have been forwarded to us however it was not I called Samsung to try and get them to help me recover the funds I was told we've we've finally through with our part so now it's just me and this Bank going head-to-head I found out that there were three employees that are under investigation for theft so it's no wonder the money disappeared out of the the money disappeared out of the bank with that being said our over the range microwave it took me two and a half years to to have the door replaced now the door is going bad again and from my understanding there's a class action lawsuit against this particular model for this particular reason we'll see what happens

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I have a samsung microwave as well, model number
SMH9187ST that is turning on by itself and i was fortunate to wake up in the middle of the night and here it going. it was cooking and extremely hot when i opened the door. It could have burnt our house down. It continues to turn on by itself and we have to unplug.

The rack holders are sparking and has char marks on them.
Very dangerous and faulty microwave

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I reached out to Samsung regarding a recall (we received a NHTSA Vehicle Recall after we purchased the RV) on a microwave that was in our RV because it started shorting out and coming on automatically and making weird noises. Unfortunately, the microwave does not have the serial number on the inside, but it does have a number on the inside of the door and Samsung on the outside. I initially contacted Samsung on December 21, 2015 (we have all our documentation of each contact) being told that they were going to have someone to come out and repair it and when that didn't happen, we were told that we were going to be reimbursed - none of which have happened. We reached out to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission who in turned said that they were not able to handle the report and submitted it to the NHTSA; haven't heard anything from them. Sharee was the last person we spoke with at Samsung who told us that she was initiating a refund - and as of February 20, 2016, we have not heard anything from Samsung. We want to know if we have any grounds for a class action lawsuit or if we can join one that is already in existence because this is ridiculous and thankfully the microwave didn't catch on fire but they should honor the recall on the item. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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My GE over the range microwave just caught fire and it 4 years old. I went to heat up a small cup of macaroni and cheese and it started sparking and one of the rack holders just caught fire. I know there has been problems with these microwaves doing this and would like to know my options.

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