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There are hundreds of people who have received threatening letters from Secure Signals International, a subsidiary of DirecTV/Hughes/GM. They are requesting that people who purchased Smart Card readers send them $3500-25,000, or else these people will be sued.

A suit has been filed against DirecTV/Hughes/GM alleging improper debt collection practices and other unlawful business practices. Anyone who has already paid money and/or forfeited valuable property to settle DirecTV's threatened lawsuit (in response to one or more of their Demand Letters) can participate in this class action. You may also participate if you have not paid any money.

A class action is also being filed for those who have not yet signed settlement papers.

If you feel you qualify for damages or remedies that might be awarded in this class action please click here to fill in our form to submit your complaint.

If your injustice does not match the complaint described above, please use this form to register your complaint. Thank you.

Reader Comments

Posted by
Melanie Marasco
They need to be stopped! There are laws in place to protect consumers and an attorney needs to go after Direct TV and force them out of business. How many people have to have their money stolen before something is done to stop them?They are a COMPLETE scam!

Posted by
Trig Simon
How do you find a Class Action Suit for Bait and Switch with DirectTV?

I was given a price on a recorded line to have DirectTV and HughesNet bundled for $102.99 per month for the 1st year, then $127.99 the second year.

They told me that I would get 50gb anytime download, plus 10 bonus usage.

I wanted it in writing, they told me I had to pay $21.40 before they would send it to me.

Before they confirmed, they sent the installer out and completed the installation, but no HughesNet. When I called back, they told me I was on my own to get HughesNet.

So, I am paying $59.99 (still not confirmed) for DirectTV plust $49.98 for HughesNet, and only 10gb anytime download, plus 50 bonus usage, totaling $109.97.

When contacting them on the matter, I talked to 5 people for two hours, half I couldn't understand, one had a bad mic and only heard 30% of his conversation. They all conflicted with each other. Some said they bundle with HughesNet, others say no.

Since I was switching from Dish with HughesNet, they could not tell me when it would switch. So, I can't cancel Dish until I am sure.

Constantly repeating myself to the same person.

Posted by
Keith Canale
DirectTV almost doubled my rate without notification. When I called to complain they stated they would charge the previous rate. What they didn't tell me is they had cut my programming by two thirds. Is this a breach of contract. I'm tired of this companies conniving and will not pay another penny, contract or not.I have also filed a complaint with the FCC but doubt I'll get any relief.

Posted by
demetra mantis
being billed for cancellation fee of $480.00. Only had the service for less than a week. They won't give me my money back. I was under the impression that I had 30 days to think about it because that is what the install technician told me.

Posted by
I've been with DirecTv since the early 1990's. I NEVER had so many problems then I've had since AT&T merged with them. I've had to call them every single month for the past two years for something that's either wrong with my bill, the dish, wires or the SWiM connector. And I have to pay for them to come fix every damn little thing!
I'm ready to switch to DISH!

Posted by
Please help...we have been fighting with Direct TV each and every month with them adding "OTHER CHARGES AND FEES" ranging from $5 - $44 a month. They say they apologies when I call...make the adjustments and then add it back and tell us we are late on our bill...I don't see how this is fare. I do not have time to keep calling and be on the phone with them each and every month and them keep ripping us off.

Posted by
this is why i would never have these scumbag capitalist pigs, anybody who subscribes to this or even cable is an idiot, get a antenna and use the internet

Posted by
Leigh Ann Lockamy
We are paying $96.00 a month for basic. They are sneaky. We are being robbed.

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