Malakoff Doyle & Finberg, P.C., a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania law firm, is currently investigating a possible class action against the provider of Direcway satellite Internet access.

Direcway is a broadband internet provider that offers high speed connection and access to the internet for home, business and government. Direcway utilizes a satellite connection to provide broadband service, through both Mac and Windows operating systems, that does not require dial up or phone lines across the contiguous United States. Direcway also provides and administers free email/ web mail accounts.

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Direcway is owned by Hughes Network Systems, LLC, proclaimed to be the world's largest provider of broadband satellite solutions, based in Germantown, MD.

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They advertise falsely, do not provide services as agreed, initiate policies that exist as "fair" but are based on usuage of 10 years ago, poor customer service, inability to perform routine activities with support secondary to a company that you can only reach abroad (india), customer service agents that threaten to discontinue your service if you ask for the grievance policies for customers that have complaints. Routinely scheduled microsoft required downloads to remain up-to-date result in suspended services.

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Download speeds as low as 9kbps measured by their own download measurement program. Was told they do not guarantee speeds and I would just have to live with it! The main times I can get good speeds are early in the morning and late at night when most people are in bed.

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We have had our service severely limited by Hughesnet's FAP. This FAP was not part of our original agreement when we started with Direcway. We have had Direcway/Hughesnet Service for probably 10 years and had never experienced download limitations until recently. When we called they explained that the FAP limited our downloads to 200mb within 24 hours. If we exceed this amount our service speed drops to less than 1% of normal for a period of 24 hours.

This didn't exist when we signed up for service. How can they just add it after we have had their service for so long?

How can they, in effect, stop me from using their service by slowing my download speed from 650 mbps to 5 mbps?

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