Frontier Faces Class Action over Internet Fees

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New York, NY: A federal consumer fraud class action has been filed against Frontier Communications alleging that the company defrauds its Internet customers by illegally collecting taxes and surcharges it claims are governmentally imposed.

Specifically, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim that Frontier has charged Internet customers local and state taxes and fees that are prohibited under the Internet Tax Freedom Act, the Federal Communications Act and state law, according to Consumer

Furthermore, the suit claims that Frontier has charged its Internet customers 911 fees on despite the fact that the customers cannot access 911 using the Internet, and the suit claims that Frontier has charged Internet customers Universal Service Fees, from which Internet service is exempt.

An "HSI surcharge" has also been charged customers of Frontier, with the company allegedly claiming that the surcharge is required or specifically authorized by the government. According to the lawsuit, the HSI surcharge is neither, but in fact is "merely a junk fee that Frontier imposes on customers. The fee bears no relationship to any governmentally-imposed fee or regulation, and is nothing other than an effort by Frontier to increase prices above advertising prices," the suit states.

Frontier, formerly known as Citizens Telecommunications Company, is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. In July 2010, it took over local telephone and Internet service in many rural areas previously served by Verizon and now operates in 27 states, with 7.4 million customers.

The suit seeks refunds and damages for all consumers charged the disputed fees.

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March 6, 2020

My husband and I have contacted Frontier MANY times to actually receive the services we are paying for (which, by the way, continue to go UP in cost but DOWN in quality). We live in a rural town in North Carolina.

I have tried, time and time again, to get them to fix our problems. The WiFi doesn't work correctly, the speed is up and down and NEVER more than about 10 (we pay for 25Mbps). Web pages freeze, the streaming on the television buffers constantly, and we are ready to pull our hair out.

The time before the last time we called, the service tech was VERY inappropriate with me and I reported that to Customer Service. He told me I "don't even have to put your makeup on or do your hair for me" before he came out. I wouldn't let him in my house, as I was here alone. He handed me a modem, I installed it, and he left. The internet problems continued. I called the local number he gave me and left a message. No response. I called Customer Service again (another one hour phone call with people who don't speak American English very well), and the tech returned UNBEKNOWNST TO US sometime over the next 24 hour period and straight wired our box on the back of our home. This is dangerous and could have burned down our home. We didn't know he'd done it until my husband found the fuse he'd removed from the box in our driveway.

For a while, I just gave up.

Then we got aggravated and called again. I requested SPECIFICALLY that they NOT send the same tech to my home and explained why. I told them that he was not allowed back on my property.

Guess who came?

My husband and son handled it this time, I stayed in the bedroom. He made the comment to my husband and son "Where's Ms. Commander?" speaking about me. He put a new box on the back of the house. Came in and looked around. Left. It was worse.

So my son called the local number and told them it was worse. They new guy (who was with the horrible man who came out before) brought a new modem and hooked it up for us. It is STILL terrible.

We've been with the company since Verizon sold out to them around 10 years ago. We were promised a certain rate per month and it has steadily climbed until, including tax, we are paying over $73 per month for internet that barely works.

Contractors were out and stringing fiber optic wire. I talked to one of them, he was really nice. He said he couldn't speak for Frontier, but that he'd leave me a "splice" on our pole just outside our home so we could be hooked into the fiber optic when they were through. We asked the awful guy about it and he said it wasn't for residences, it was for their offices, and that we'd have to pay "thousands" per month for the service.

So no fiber optic.
Still no good internet.
Still sending the man who, quite frankly should be labeled a sexual harasser, out to my house. He might even be a sexual predator. I don't know. He sneaked onto our property and didn't make his presence known to straight-wire our box outside. No telling what he does when we aren't looking.

I don't feel safe anymore. I've told Frontier this. They won't do anything.

I will be calling the local Sheriff's department (not that they'll do anything either) if I have to deal with him again.

But the main problem, through all of that, is the sub-par internet service that we pay an outrageous amount for.

If anyone has filed a class action lawsuit that will cover these issues, I want in. So do a NUMBER of my neighbors.

Thank you for reading and any recommendations you may have.

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So far, I have contacted: FCC, Public Utilities Commission Oregon State, Oregon State Fish & Wildlife, FTC, Chamber of Commerce, Oregon Consumer Affairs, State Attorney General’s office, and the Media.
Technicians are scheduled but never show up. Techs came on days not scheduled letting themselves into a gated community marked "no trespassing" without permission using the gate code from a previous visit. These techs parked their vehicle 4 acres away, so as not to be visible from the residence and traipsed across the property through the forest, meadow grass, blackberries, and bushes. They were not wearing Frontier uniforms, ID tags, or anything to identify themselves as Frontier employees. They did not come to the residence and notify the occupants that they were there. They proceeded to look in the residence windows and messed around with the wires near the breaker box on the outside the residence. The occupants saw the strange men walking around the property and did not have landline or cell service so was not able to call the police for assistance. When the occupant hollered at the men, asking who they were and what they were doing on the private property, the techs never answered her. The resident ran across the property in slippers until she got close enough for one of them to turn around and acknowledge her. She again asked who they were and what they were doing on private property. The technicians told her that they were from Frontier Communications and they were in the area so thought they would come and work on the lines. The resident told the technicians that they did not have an appointment and that they were trespassing. She went on to tell them that they were lucky they weren’t shot because they were not wearing Frontier uniforms or ID tags, nor did they come to the door and let her know who they were and what they were doing. In addition, looking in windows and messing around with a residence’s breaker box is frightening to a person who has a stalker. The techs laughed uncomfortably and said, “Thanks for not shooting us.” The resident said that you crossed 2 different private properties to get to this one and all are marked “No Trespassing”. The neighbors are on high alert because of some vandalism, theft, missing animals, and break-ins as well as a male prowler who lurks in the bushes and rushes out at women attempting to attack them. You could have easily been mistaken for him, especially since your Frontier vehicle is NOT in site and you aren’t wearing anything identifying you as a Frontier employee. And just because you have a code to a gate doesn’t give you the right to come and go as you please.” She then went back into the residence. There was no apology from corporate, regional or local offices regarding the unauthorized entrance into a locked property. There was no threat to anyone, just a cautionary warning to the employees who came onto the property without authorization and were behaving in a suspicious manner.
Frontier installed a temporary line and left it lying on the ground with the connections susceptible to the rain (it has rained almost every day for over a month with high winds). We live in a semi-rural area and a cable lying on the ground is at risk of being damaged by wildlife. The cable remained on the ground for over a month-and-a-half and no one from Frontier would respond to requests to come and get it off the ground or hang the permanent wires. During this period of time we found on two different occasions young deer tangled in the temporary cable lying on the ground across the front 4 acres of the property. A complaint was filed with the State Department of Fish & Wildlife and the next day Frontier retaliated and turned off the service. Fish & Wildlife were very concerned and called Ms. Hillman immediately and left a voicemail. Our service remained turned off for 3-days and the wasn’t restored until additional complaints were filed at all the agencies listed above.
Most days we don't have a dial tone on the landline. As an example, day November 26, 2019, we have not had a dial tone most of the day and only 2 calls have made it through to us, both calls have spontaneously dropped, the last not able to be completed as no dial tone.
If we are able to make calls out the sound quality is muffled, echoing, windy sounding, has electronic sounds, computerized voices, or a combination of all of the above, etc. Incoming calls into the residence (when there is service) are of the same poor quality. Calls will spontaneously drop, worsening every evening, during wet weather, or cold temperatures. The longest stretch without any phone service was over 2 weeks.
When we were shopping for internet services, we were told by the sales representative that the internet we ordered would handle 10 electronic devices at the same time using Wi-Fi and all would be able to watch or download a movie without a decrease in the speed. We cannot download a movie on one device plugged directly into the Wi-Fi router, let alone 10 devices on Wi-Fi. It takes over 6 hours to upload a 55 sec video onto Facebook. Our Wi-Fi alarm system cameras are too much for the system and they only use a small number of Mbps when they are motion activated – one camera is too much, let alone 3. During the initial call with the sales rep we told them that would have a Wi-Fi security system with 3 cameras & we would be using the internet to make Wi-Fi calls on the cell phones and would have at least 2 laptops using Wi-Fi. We hid nothing from them and just wanted service that would meet our needs. We were assured that the 25 Mbps would more than handle our needs. We don’t get 25 Mbps, are being billed for 9 Mbps, but don’t even get 3 Mbps.
Now Frontier is robocalling us because we refuse to pay for services that we are not getting in the amount we were told it would cost. We have disputed the charges. In addition, we did not sign up for robocalls. On the last 5 robocalls, the line went dead in the middle of their call. This has continued for 2 months.
The numerous complaints to state and federal agencies were filed with Frontier lying about fixing the problem. The service was installed on May 26th and I am still having problems with them. The person assigned to handle the FCC complaint at Frontier, Laurie Hillman Executive Customer Relations 844-320-4445, is rude and unprofessional and refuses to allow us to speak with her supervisor. After I filed a BBB complaint Frontier corporate switched us to another representative named Belinda D Smiley, Executive Customer Escalations Office: 425.257.4222 Fax: 4252972010. According to the FCC we are supposed to get a paper summary statement from Frontier regarding how they handled our FCC complaint. I have not received anything from Frontier.
The billing statements we get from Frontier have no date and no postmark. One arrived over a month past the due date on the bill. What kind of business expects customers to pay for something that they never get a statement for?
Frontier has either altered their records or outright lied to the state and federal government agencies claiming that we have only filed one complaint about the lack of or poor phone service. Every call to Frontier and there has been too many to count, has included this complaint. The internet and phone are on the same wires, so if you have problems with one you will have problems with both. We have the copies of the repair tickets text messages and emails, so there is proof there were numerous complaints with repair requests. It is our thought that the troubleshooting techs on the phone are told to code all complaints for customers the phone & internet services as an internet problem since the internet is not regulated like the phones are.
Both women executives have told us so many lies, including Frontier doesn't guarantee Wi-Fi service (then why ONLY put in a Wi-Fi router?). They have also said we are too far from their Central Office (CO). We are about 5 miles from town and live in a rural but heavily populated area. We are less than 3 miles from the CO. This is NOT too far. There are 6 cell towers within 2 miles of us and 4 antennas. The town has free Wi-Fi in it.
Frontier is the ONLY internet provider available to us (monopoly?). Frontier and Comcast split the area so there is no competition to encourage accurate billing and good service. I called Century Link and was asked to put in my zipcode and was immediately forwarded to Frontier. I called Comcast and was told they do not service my side of the river. I called all the phone providers that came up on a Google search and was told the same thing. Frontier is your only choice of phone provider.
Neither executive returns emails in an appropriate time period and if they do respond they do not address the issues nor answer the questions. The local manager does not either. They do not return calls to the cell phone number of the person on the account, which is the only phone that can reliably get phone calls, but instead call the unreliable landline at the 2nd home and only during work hours (some of us have jobs).
They also informed us that we should drive into town to contact them when the internet or phone is out. REALLY!? They expect a customer to get in the car and drive 5+ miles each way to contact them to let them know the internet is out! So on the days, the router was reset 8 times we are supposed to drive into town 8 times to contact her (80 miles of driving). What about the day that the internet glitched more than 200 times? Seriously! Then when we are not at the residence they expect us to drive 400 miles round trip to reset a router and call to make a repair ticket after spending at least 45 minutes on hold and 2 hours on the phone with a “technician” in the Phillipines!
Finally, they expect us to pay for a phone line that doesn't work properly (see the description of the quality of the service above) or there is no service. If we cannot pick up the receiver of a landline at any time 24/7 and make a call, the phone is working properly and we should NOT be charged for it.
I am being taxed for the ability to call 911 anytime I need to, but when there is no dial tone I can't! The place where the service is located is a 2nd home and we have had to make numerous 400+ mile trips to be there when the techs come or to go to the residence to troubleshoot the router because the frontier will not troubleshoot the hardware unless a person is at the residence. On 5 occasions there were appointments made to have techs come out resulting in a 400+ round trip drive (8 hours of time) only to have the techs not show up during the 4-hour window of time that we are to be available. We have also rescheduled business meetings, missed work, canceled or rescheduled doctor’s appointments for these numerous appointments going back to May 26, 2019. There has been no apology nor attempt at compensation for our inconvenience, lost wages, money spent in travel, etc. just demands for immediate payment.
Not paying them is the only leverage we have at this point.
The part that is the most frustrating is that when we had Verizon to this residence, we had no problems whatsoever. The Internet and landline worked great. Once Frontier bought Verizon's territory the service became TERRIBLE! We've been told by a company that works on their lines that Frontier does not maintain their equipment. As a result, their equipment is falling apart, and the customers suffer.
The call center is in the Philippines and most of the reps there don't listen but interrupt and make assumptions about what you are going to say. The wait times are a minimum of 45 minutes and they insist that the call is made at the residence where the problem is (can't be done when the landline isn't working and there is NO internet).
We have taken numerous photos of the router, computer, cell phones, etc. showing there is no internet available, yet we are called “liars” by the executives and technicians. We also have photos of the outdoor “connections” of the temporary line and the disconnected permanent one, photos of the debris left on November 7, 2019, audio recordings of the phone calls being disconnected mid robocall showing the unstableness of the phone line, voicemails left by the executives, as well as an audio recording of the last tech’s visit.
Although Frontier gave partial credit, they refuse to fully credit the customer for the service they have not provided and is charging $30/month for said services, including the lease of a malfunctioning Wi-Fi router. Taxes and services charges are applied, including the 9-1-1 tax, despite the fact that there was no phone service for over 90% of the days from May 26, 2019, until November 27, 2019, the date of this letter.
The company left garbage near the PGE poles that they piggybacked their lines onto and have not been back to clean it up (that was on November 7, 2019). They canceled the repair ticket for November 27, 2019 and refuse to return and clean up their mess.
One of the technicians who came on the November 7, 2019, pulled up a cached HD video of a waterfall on his laptop and fast forwarded it saying, “the internet is working fine.” Anyone who knows anything about computers knows that a cached file is stored on the device and can be accessed the next time without using internet. This was deceptive and a scam! The reality is that we cannot even stream Netflix without 2-5 minutes of buffering and when it finally plays the video is fuzzy and pixilated; definitely NOT the HD the tech demoed. This behavior is considered acceptable in this company as the area manager was standing right next to him and did not say anything.

When speaking to Ms. Smiley at the customer escalations department she said that the company is not responsible for the misleading sales, marketing, etc. of their employees. This is a very inaccurate statement, as the company is always responsible for what its employees do and say while they are working. In fact, there are past class action lawsuits which focus on this same complaint. Apparently, Frontier doesn’t care they were found guilty of this and continue to make this a practice.
Ms. Smiley related that we are still being charged for 9 Mbps of internet because it was cheaper than 3Mbps (how is that possible since 3 is 1/3 of 9?). Furthermore, they are advertising 50/50 Mbps for $27.99 for a lifetime which is far less money than I am being charged and I get a lot less. This is NOT right! Ms. Smiley told me to cancel my account if I wasn’t satisfied, but I need to have a landline as the cell phone doesn’t have reception without Wi-Fi calling and the internet is unstable. No one should have to chose to be without a phone or put up with the fraudulent, dishonest, underhanded, abusive behavior of this company. We in America should have more than one choice of phone &/or internet carrier.
We called in a repair ticket on 11/21/2019 and was told that we would still be charged for the next 6 days where the quality of the phone calls remains TERRIBLE and the internet is glitching, turning on and off at speeds far below what we are being charged for. For example, it took 6 hours to upload a 55 sec video to Facebook because the internet is so slow. It takes 1 to 3 minutes to load Frontier’s Home page on the internet. This is NOT what they advertise.
Ms. Smiley is refusing to repair the phone lines without a police escort which the police refuse to do as there is no risk to Frontier employees. She claims there is “risk of physical harm due to numerous threats” (have this in voicemail). No threats of physical harm were ever made to her or anyone else. She is making false statements to police which is a crime.
What she was told that if she continued to bill for services not provided, did not fix the service issues, continued to misrepresent Frontier’s responses to government agencies, failed to address the bait and switch sales tactics and the inconsistent stories from the numerous employees, or if the technicians lie about what services they are providing with the cached video trick again, etc. we would file more complaints with state and federal government agencies, join or start a class-action, rally the Sandy, OR community together to speak against Frontier Communications, speak to the legislators in Oregon and Washington states, speak to the media, blog about our terrible experiences online, and anything else that we could think of. These actions on our part, do not justify the intimidation and coercion of a police escort in order to repair the lines.
Based on a discussion with legal counsel it is illegal for a police officer to come onto a locked property without a search warrant, a valid concern of a threat to another person or to self, or an invitation from the current resident. The police do not have any of these reasons to enter the property, let alone into a residence which Ms. Smiley seems to think she can demand. Ms. Smiley doesn’t care about the customer’s Constitutional Rights and is using the fact that the police refuse to violate said rights as an excuse to NOT repair the phone or internet services. However, she insists that we are to pay for it or our services will be disconnected, despite the dispute of charges, including fraudulent taxes, surcharges, etc. (same as in another class action). In disconnecting our service, we would be without a phone or cell phone which puts us a risk of harm as no access to police, fire, or medical.
Frontier engages in Bait & Switch business tactics and considers this behavior acceptable. Based on the FTC’s definition of Bait & Switch, Frontier lures in customers with insincere offers to sell their internet/phone services which the company has no intention of providing (i.e. selling 25 Mbps for $29.99/month after being given the service address, billed for 9Mbps at $74/month, but the customer only receives less than 3 Mbps with a max upload speed of 0.3 Mbps). The purpose was to sign the customers up with a fee charged for breaking the 2-year contract, and then switch customers to an inferior and more expensive service than the one being advertised, marketed, and sold, stating it is not available to the rural customers. This practice has happened to EVERY Frontier Communications customer in the Sandy Metro area as well as the rural areas around the USA (look at all the complaints online). No one I have spoken to is happy with Frontier’s service and all discussed how they were sold something they NEVER got.
There is a monopoly on internet providers in rural America. In the area I reside I do not have the option of any other provider except Frontier Communications. This is the definition of a monopoly. This allows the communications company to not provide the services the customer pays high prices for.
As of 2018 Frontier has a reported net income of $643 million and total assets valuing $23.659 billion. A company of this size receiving government funding should be required to maintain equipment and provide the services they claim to provide. They should be required to train their reps to not deceive customers as well as to be truthful to government agencies about what they have or have not done. When a customer asks to speak to a supervisor they should send them to their supervisor. Currently the escalations department refuses to allow a customer to speak to their supervisors, but makes comments such as, “I don’t have the authority to do what you are asking,” even after being asked to transfer to someone who has that authority.
Making customer calls during business hours and insisting customers miss work to speak to them is unrealistic. Afterall, if they were providing what they sold the customer there wouldn't be a need to have a phone call and taking numerous phone calls during work will result in the loss of a job so there would be no money to pay them.
We are asking that they provide us with full credit for the lack of services/poor service since we started service with them and a reduction of our rates to reflect the amount of Mbps we receive based on the rates advertised of $27.99/month for a lifetime for 50/50. We have driven thousands of miles, spent thousands of dollars in gas, missed countless hours of work, and spent at least 200 hours on the phone and even more time writing & answering emails about their poor service. This is affecting our internet-based cottage industry as well as our daughter’s schooling. Our internet-based cottage industry has been on hold since May, with no income coming in as the internet is too unstable to run a business and the phone hasn’t worked properly so customers cannot reach us. None of this would have been necessarly had they given us what we are being charged for and what we were sold. It is not too much to ask considering what we have lost since May 26,2019.
Today, the internet dropped 3 times during the phone calls with Frontier during a 4-hour period resulting in having to call them back, wait on hold, repeat the story, wait to be transferred, only for the call to be dropped. The lack of a reliable phone is a health safety matter as well. All of us suffer from life-threatening illnesses which require immediate medical attention. One adult in the household is legally disabled as is one child, and not being able to call for emergency services is a HUGE concern as the landline doesn’t work over 90% of the time and the internet is so spotty and slow that making a Wi-Fi call from the cell phone is unreliable. Not being able to call 9-1-1 because the landline and the internet aren’t working is pathetic, especially since they are collecting 9-1-1 access taxes, and it is 2019 for heaven’s sake!
Frontier Communications needs to be investigated for fraudulent business practices. No one in the Sandy, OR area, the NW, or anywhere in the US (based on negative reviews posted all over the internet) are satisfied with Frontier and all have the same or similar complaints about this dishonest company. They have been sued numerous times for the same complaints that still occur, so they haven’t learned their lesson. They seem to be thumbing their noses at the laws protecting consumers.
Here is the contact information for the persons involved in our case:

Laurie Hillman
Executive Customer Relations
Frontier Communications
844.320.4445ext 1122533
“I can help”

Belinda Smiley
Executive Customer Escalations
Frontier Communications
Office: 425.257.4222
Fax: 4252972010

Philip Spencer | Frontier Communications
Local Manager – Gresham & SW Washington I&R
307 NE 9th Street
Gresham, OR 97030

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Frontier Communication >Criminal organization< without a doubt!!!! Live in Ohio and in a rural area with phone and internet. Internet is dsl and download speed is 896kbps and upload 192kbps. They say its because the server is 2-3 miles down the road and our area is the very end of the line so that is why the speeds are so slow. I absolutely do not believe the cover story and started my own investigations. Lets just say I took a look at the IP route tables in the administration router settings and there was definitely some things that JUST DON'T ADD UP!!!!! I'm not not MIT or IT professional, but I do no just enough to come to the conclusion of throttling the data speeds to redistribute the promised internet speeds im not receiving under bogus 3rd party companies. When I called customer service about the 6 networks and 3 hosts I was told this was correct and not to worry. I firmly advised the customer service rep. that I believed they we're mistaken because I know 100% without a doubt the routing tables spelled foul play from knowledge I had acquired from attending Ivy Tech for computer networking. They became angry and demand I didn't have a clue what I was talking about and the line went dead. Frontier is the only internet provider in the area other than satelite internet so I would love to finally see them healed accountable.

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Time for class action in Ohio...I have had this Frontier internet and phone for about 3 months...Was told when i signed up that my monthly bill would be $42.00 total..LIE!!!! Just spent the last almost 2 hours on the phone with them...4 different people and still dont have a $42.00 bill..TOTAL!..They have serious lack of communication skills among themselves..I have been told so many different amounts that i cant even keep up with it all.. Everytime i have called about this billing issue i am told"this is what you have to pay.I dispute what they tell me,because it is never what i was told from the start,I pay what "they" say they have figured out that i owe..Next month i am billed even more and with late fees...NEVER have i been late!!!!..Unfortunately i live in an area where i am limited to either Frontier or satellite,which isnt any better...

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I have created a webpage that contains all the details regarding my situation including my complaints to the Federal Communications Commission.

That website can be viewed at

Don't you just love it when the domain name says it all?

Frontier started to charge me an additional $2 above my "protected" monthly service charge and I filed a complaint with the FCC calling that double billing, bait and switch and breach of contract.

That FCC complaint and all the relevant documents can be viewed at the above website, which is in a timeline format with links to PDF copies of those documents.

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I'm battling with Frontier over their billing issues. I always pay my bill on or before the due date. They claim even if I pay my bill on the due date it takes them 2-3 business days to apply the payment so they have been adding a $9.00 late fee to my next bill! Not only that - they are adding 66 cents tax on the late fee! I pay my bill on time and I'm not paying their damn late fees. They told me when I called we can waive one late fee per 12 months. I told them I shouldn't have a late fee I paid my bill on time. Maybe they need to change their billing software to allow maybe five days after a due date before assessing a late fee? That way people that do pay on time won't have to call them every month and spend an hour on the phone. Crooked bastards!

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I've had my own Frontier Communications horror story.This is the most inept firm I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing.

For years they've had a monopoly on internet services in my area and, although constantly telling customers they were in the process of upgrading their infrastructure to from copper to fiber, the upgrades NEVER happened.

I run a business and my business is dependent on my internet services. I paid Frontier for three lines and their BUSINESS internet services about $450.00 per month for over ten years. As part of their BUSINESS package, I was promised 24 hour turn around on service issues and download speeds of at least 10 Mbps. As it turns out, on a good day (when it was working) I only got 1.5 Mbps.

In addition, for the past two years, my Frontier internet service was down at least 3 to 5 FULL days EVERY month with frequent drop offs.

Calls to Frontier were futile.

Then I find out that, instead of investing in their EXISTING infrastructure, Frontier chose to buy other similar broken down utilities. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

FINALLY!!! I now have an alternative via VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS. I contacted Frontier in January to port my numbers, they held off until March and billed me for service for the month of February.

These scumbags have cost me untold thousands of dollars in lost time and additional costs for having to seek out alternative services of other providers and and using their mobile...

If there is a law firm handling their breach of contract, I'd like to get in touch with them A.S.A.P.The only glimmer of satisfaction I have at present is that the word on the street is that Frontier will be bankrupt within a year!!!

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I had a contract with Verizon at $103.97/month through September 2107. When
Frontier took over Verizon, the monthly fee was incrementally increased from
that amount to $124.67 in October 2017.
In September 2017, I discontinued Frontier Voice to save money and was given
$15 credit for the next bill and was told that the new charge will be $93.97
after tax a month. Instead, Frontier increased the monthly bill to $129.30 a
month without the phone. At the same time, Frontier sent me the box with label
to return the equipment to their facility in Texas which I did.

I am submitting this complaint because I don't feel that Frontier upholds the
contract that I had with Verizon. Frontier also manipulates all the reward
points that Verizon had with the customers so that these points are not
accessible and expired. Frontier does not honor the price of $93.97 a month
(while I could have triple play only for $29.99 a month without contract from
another competitor) and sent me the box to return their equipment during fee
negotiation. Now Frontier called me instead of send me a letter as your office
indicated and wants me to pay for an extra month. I feel this is unreasonable
and request help from your office to correct their billing

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My complaint left me with one heck of an attitude. I contact Frontier soon after they took over from Verizon to update my contract. I was told 2 year contract for a set monthly price and agreed. Six months later, come to find out from billing my contract monthly price is only good for the first year and I'll have to pay full price the second year. I am really upset anyone would stoop to these levels of deceit

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im in plano texas,i cruised along many years with verison ,it was a little high but not like 500...700 in a week and many phone calls no service when they switched from verison to frontier for about 10 days ..i finally told them to go jump in the time is valuable.. that was two years or so ago , whenever they changed ownership..i tried for some credit which i rarely do and i be damn its a charge off from those a**holes ..i ve been buzy ,i thought at one point there was a class action lawsuit and i would be notified i have nothing but a bad hit on credit bureau ..if any one has info please alert me wade plano texas

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Frontier sent me my first bill Just for internet wi fi
Have a phone & TV with different companies They lied I am over 70 They said just charging me $59 a
month Did have Bright House before no problems
Did not have computer so bought one from Home Shopping Ordered wi fi did not need anything else
need to be on the class action suit from $58 bill was 168.15 HAVE A PHONE & TV NOT associated with that company Had road runner in FL THEY are out of business now left with only 2
choices Spectrium sent me bogus letters from
$14.95 to get wi fi not true This frontier is terrible just on internet now after I got the expensive bill
for a phone connection I do not want or asked for

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Where does one begin? How about the bogus charges that raised two combined Verizon accounts from $270 a month to $455 a month? Or the several hour long calls with detailed discussions and promises of reversed charges and written document that never appear? Or the supervisor who responded to complaints about double charging by doubling the charges again? WTF? Or the many lies offered - again and again - promising known problems will be corrected and never are?

Or, in just the last 30 hours, Frontier cut my service (despite receiving a payment larger than actually owed of $375), acknowledged the bill was wrong (again), promised service was being restored within 15 minutes, but was never restored? Or the blocking of calls from my account when I tried to call customer service because the service was still blocked with a recording claiming "customer service office was closed" and urging me to "Call when the office was open". Of course, when I called that same number without revealing my account, the office was still open.

Or the outlandish claim that they couldn't find records of my account by a supervisor? Or the bizarre claim by another Frontier supervisor that he couldn't send an email to the next level up because of internet problems inside the Frontier Call Center? Seriously? And Frontier sells internet services!

Given the bogus charges, the long litany of lies and broken promises, the deceitful bait and switch efforts, and the astonishing awful customer service, count me in on a lawsuit. BTW, I will writing several letters to to regulators urging them to do their jobs and hold this corrupt company accountable. Unfortunately, they may claim that the small print brochure sent in my last fraudulent bill for bogus charges mandates some arbitration agreement. It appears Frontier - having lost many lawsuits in many states - has concluded they can only prevail if they literally buy the presiding judge, not just influence politicians with legalized bribery. OTOH, word has been getting out about their awful service and systematic overcharging of customers. Perhaps they are trying to squeeze out the last dollars from a dying cable industry or keep their reputation as the worst cable company, but their stock price has collapsed since last summer. Perhaps Wall Street will punish them before the FCC cracks down. I won't be surprised if Frontier gets exposed as a criminal organization like Enron, World Com, and Adelphi Cable where fraud was the business model among executives.

Perhaps another well publicized victory in a civil lawsuit against their bogus charges and systematic deception by customer service workers can also help revitalize American corporate culture. If nothing else, a court victory will feel good and the fines can provide some solace for lost time, energy, and money trying to do business with this terrible cable company.

They may be no real

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I have canceled my service with this corrupt company (Frontier communications) and can't get them to credit my account of $57.00. They want to give me credit by giving me another corrupt company's VISA card! I tried by chatting and calling, but they said too bad; it's company policy. I call it company's bullshit!

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Frontier quoted me the wrong price and said they will charge me a early termination fee. I did not see the bill until 10 days after having verbal agreement.
Very crooked business. I had no problem with Verizon.

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Frontier is THE WORST company ever !!!! Everything you all have said holds true. It's infuriating and beyond anything any utility company I have every dealt with can dish out. If I could have reached through the phone and grabbed them by their useless necks. I hope and pray eventually someone with the power shuts them down and buries their logo under six feet.

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I too am fighting for a refund from Frontier. I have wasted probably a full 12 hour day with over a dozen calls to Frontier that last an hour! It's so frustrating!!! I used to have Verizon w/o any problems, Frontier took over. I called several months ago to see about a lower bill, they put me over to retention department, offered me free HBO for 6 months, a discount for each month on overall bill.... 3+ months into this, I have paid $20 a month for FREE HBO.... FREE means no charge! I cannot seem to get ANYONE to be able to change it and credit our bill accordingly! On top of that....they have now changed our phone service away from the Freedom plan we had which was $30 a month for unlimited long distance to a plan which charged for long distance! 3 calls to our family over the holidays cost us $46+! AND then they took off my phone bundle, so I have no landline usage and are charging me for FIOS 50/50 at $80 month! BC we don't have our phone bundled but we NEVER changed our phone bundle, they did! I do not have 50/50 I can assure you! The people I have talked to seem nice but say all you want to hear or I have had 2 people hang up on cannot call anyone back at all b/c they cannot give you their number! IT"S SO FRUSTRATING! I have never been more let down by a company and over charged, over promised, not credited's absolutely unethical! The time and energy and frustration I have wasted cannot hold a price! : (

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I am in Wa State Snohomish county.
My Frontier story is the same as everyone else's across the US.
I would like to say a good thing for Frontier, they do not out source their customers. At least you can understand Frontiers workers at all levels. I say thank you for that. Great job there!
As for service and billing, I feel we have had over billing for said be speeds we have never come close to having. Never a refund or a reduced fee for loss of service without a huge fight. To many hours have to go into a refund or getting help for loss of service. I just give up and never see the proper discount. Each representative states different things and has differing view points on why we have poor to no service. Our bill is around 80.00 to 100.00 monthly for a (19.00 supposed great rate) we have basic phone and 1 mgb down speed (actual)internet. We are billed for 7 mgbs down load speeds (said be speeds we never get). Our bill is high for such low speeds. I have tried to cancel our basic landline phone to cut cost as we had to increase our cell phone data, and cannot take advantage of bundling satellite tv. I was told I could not have internet without our land line.
in fact, they contradict themselves saying, we can only provide you with 1 mgb of down speed without your land line. We only use our cell phones so I am throwing money at Frontier because I cannot get a straight answer. We have been charged 19.99 a supposed discounted rate for stated 7 mgb down speed internet. but we have never had above 1 mgb of down speed yet we are told we have BROAD BAND. Our internet wi fi goes down at the same time every night and glitches throughout the day. This was tolerable when the kids were younger. But now that they are seniors and college bound, it is intolerable. This has interfered with my work, missed pay hours, the kids cannot get assignments done on time, college entrance submissions, we have to pack up and leave to use the library, our neighbors do not have cell phones. We loan them a cell phone when the Frontier goes down. I could go on and on but you all have similar stories.
My big issue's are 1) Why is our bill so high when we have lousy service and have asked to reduce or get rid of our land line? I have called numerous times to lower our bill in any way possible,as the services are becoming slower and more glitchy to complete loss of service for periods of time . We are told you have the discounted rate of 19.99 and they deny that I have called asking to lower our bill or reduce our land line. yet our bill is not 19.99 it is close to 100.00 monthly and we never have solid wi fi. 2) Why cant another franchise come in and offer decent service.
AFTER CALLING my city councilmen, local region manager, presidential department (big joke they are clueless and just argue facts that they don't know), going in person to Frontier office, and having the local tech's work number, emailing the FCC, I still cannot get help with our service or proper billing. I called COMCAST for a business internet bid. Not sure they can lay cable to me but they said they "think" they can, what an eye opener, my quote was less than I pay with Frontier and for 25mgbs of down speed. Terrible about the commission part at Comcast business for me to pay over to get service that Frontier could provide. I notified Frontier of the huge difference. So, now a fabulous Frontier tech has come out and fixed our lines restored our service, been a point of contact, viewed our bill and agrees with odd charges of 10.00 for call waiting when we did not want or use our land line. He has regularly called to see how our service is. yet when it comes to our billing from customer service........I am told the same song and dance, and treated the same from customer service 1) "we here at Frontier had a lay off of 1000 workers so now there is no one to do their job of, crediting your bill for all the loss of service.(how is it my fault that Frontier laid off 1000 employees?) So I get no help with the loss of service. No credits put through that a manager placed on our behalf after countless calls for help just to get a few credits. Yet I pay a bill for "no" service or less service than we are supposed to have, because there are no workers in any roles to do anything to fix my bill. So the "pity poor" Frontier attitude and I'm put off politely. mind you, with no answers or outcome. Or 2) I get the condescending, arrogant, oppositional, argumentative, down right aggressively rude, representative that railroads over my conversation talking at me, stating that "your area is capped out at 1-3 mgbs and you are lucky to now have 7mgbs" You have been getting a great discounted rate" Not at all what the tech says when he comes out or calls. Again, put off without any help or outcomes. They all say something different with the same outcome of "no help" Either politely put off or aggressively rude and put off. The tech thinks our service is Now" good but I now have no idea what our new bill should be as now they say they have increased our mgbs to 7 mgbs dwon load speed. Thought that was what we were originally supposed to have. Now they are saying how great it is that we have it. REALLY? I still have no idea of their pricing cant get a straight answer.
Our area isn't that rural, we are just off hwy 9 and the Frontier work station has been a block or so down the road since we lived here. Frontier work vans are constantly out there working and it affects our service often. They have not put in anything to better or fix our service until recently when I began complaining. we have had service in this area from Verizon 22 years ago without any problems. We have had only problems ever since Frontier took over Verizon a few years ago.
We are requesting that whoever is at the government level REALLY looks things over before passing a business on to continue its franchise rights in an area. I assume, Franchise agreements are to be viewed before passing into a contract for each state at the government level. Somewhere in the franchise contract with each state I would hope that its listing prudent business practices with measurable customer service outcomes? Proven by the countless frustrated customers, I am not seeing reasonably prudent behavior from Frontier. And measurable outcomes are less service for high bills with no help and Angry frustrated customers. You can Google the US and see the common complaints about Frontier across the US. Yet they are the only franchise that serves my area so I am stuck and they know it. That is how they get away with misconduct.
FCC needs to discontinue Frontiers contract until they "show" they conduct business more ethically.

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Excerpt from my FCC Complaint: "Hello FCC,
I (almost) received my refund as a Frontier gift card by Citi about 3 weeks ago. I registered it and assigned a PIN to my card. That weekend I tried 3x to use it at Home Depot as a debit card using my PIN and then as a credit card but neither way worked. I tried using it as a debit card with the PIN at Target and it didn't work. I tried using this Frontier gift card by Citi as a credit card then a debit card with my PIN at Kohl's clothing store with my wife and it did not work yet again. I registered it again by phone last night reassigning a PIN to the Frontier gift card by Citi. This morning I asked my bank teller at Chase Bank if I could transfer the money from this Frontier gift card by Citi to my bank account. He reviewed the card's info on the front & back and said yes. I asked him to transfer my $20.40 from this Frontier gift card by Citi to my bank account and he said it declined his request to transfer my $20.40 refund to my bank account. I immediately drove home and tried to register this Frontier gift card by Citi by submitting the card number, my name, my zip code, and 3 digit security code in the back online with Citi, and guess what happened? It said registration failed... I called Citi card services and spoke to "Leslie" about an hour ago now, who said she could send my $20.40 Frontier refund check to my in 2 to 3 weeks. I want to FILE a NEW COMPLAINT that Frontier has KEPT MY REFUND NEARLY FIVE MONTHS THIS DECEMBER, AN INORDINATE AMOUNT OF TIME THAT WOULD BE ILLEGAL IN A COURT OF LAW. FRONTIER has been the ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY, in EVERY INDUSTRY I've dealt with, from the worst ISP of ~1-3.0 Mbs download speeds for several months, then refusing to return my $20.40 from my cancellation in August until November, and they STILL HAVE MY MONEY. This Frontier gift card by Citi with my $20.40 is just another ploy for them to keep my money. They are keeping every customer refunds for four months or more which total. When I make EVERY GOOD FAITH EFFORT to resolve the issue of not being able to extract my $20.40 refund from this Frontier gift card by Citi, it fails at EVERY TURN (registered it three times by phone, try to register it online but it inserts my three digit security code as my password - that requires eight digits and does not offer any online or 800 number assistance). Please accept my complaint that Frontier has kept my refund going on five months this December and makes it extremely difficult to extract my money from their corporate bank accounts that hold my $20.40. This amount is compounded exponentially to the (tens of) millions by all the customers who have not received their refunds either. Thank you."
How much worse when the FCC is headed by a former corporate CEO that believes in dismantling the public's rights against Big Brother Corporations? ARME

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My Husband and I have documented 16 phone calls since March 2016 to September 2016, and have notes with names of representatives and times on hold and dates from Frontier Interment and Phone Company/ They have told us many things; and because of the notes I have I reminded them to look at their notes as I quote what had been previously said. Many false gestures have been offered, but I remind them of their previous quotes. Finally we have gone to another phone and internet co. as of next Tue. but I have read many disasters the others have encountered on this site. We are still not satisfied with the various charges they vacillate with. Unfortunately we been patient because they just took over the Verizon account we used to have and they have violated the two year contract we had with false accusations about what we have requested. Now it is just too much to go on any longer if there is a class action case please add us to it

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Its the same thing up here in Wa. state I sighned up with frontier back in 2010 have had their service techs out to fix it many times. it never gets fixed and not a single one of their people can give me a reason as to why the speeds are so spotty. They have said that the speed will slow down during high volume usage, which I believe means when most of their customers are online at the same time. Well it dont matter what time of day or night. I dont think that there is too many folks in my area online at 3 or 4 am in fact it seems that its worse at those times. I cant remember offhand what my speedtest results were for dl speed but I know it is always well below the speed that I pay for. They must be padding our elected professional politicians pockets pretty generously for them to continue to blatantly lie, manipulate, mislead, and steal from us with apparantly no fear of any penalties. So for 6 years of paying 100 percent of my bill 100 percent of the time and never late. I have probably gotten 30-40 percent of the internet speed that I have paid them for with an occasional blistering fast speed of maybe 60 percent of what I pay for, and I am being very generous here for in the real world I know its actually much slower. so include Wa. state in a class action lawsuit and I could care less about them having to pay any money I want their crooked top executives to do some hard time

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I live in gordonville tx. I have documentation including screen shots of chats with frontier employees and letters, conversations, ect. My documentation shows that frontier and employees engaged in a policy that lies and misleads customers. I believe That the structure of management and tech/billing support is designed to exploite the customers. Please contact me if you are associated with a law firm that might be presuing a judgement.

Tank you,
Mike W.

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I was billed for a few months of service in which I had called about the internet and cable not working and was still billed for those months and was billed approximately around $530, which I refuse to pay when i notified them of lack of service and they did nothing to resolve it..

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Same in LA. $2,200 bill with new 79.99 fee add since takeover. Lost all pay per view movies. Insane hold times. Slow internet. Complete ripoff.

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My business was affected by the recent transition from Verizon Communication to Frontier.. Verizon never informed me of their transition which affected my business terrible causing me to lose thousands and thousands of dollars from the latter part of April and half through May I was without phone service internet which cause me not to be unable to access my credit card sales or even the ATM that's in the location I suffered a great loss due to this financially!

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I have attempted to get my internet speed corrected by Frontier. I am paying for 50M/50M and the most I can get out of my internet speed is 12M/12M. I spent 3 hours with the help desk to get this resolved and they could not complete the bounce test properly and promptly blamed my PC as the problem. I spend two hours with the chat help desk and they told be at least 3 things that were not true. I believe there people are trained to deceive their customers to a point they give up. I can not get Spectrum, so my only option is to switch to cable. They have us between the dog and the fire hydrant and they know it.

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Include Southern Ohio please. Since they took over Verizon about 8 years ago the service has deteriorated to the point where their own techs can validate that my service drops 700 times per month. They can't fix it, they have oversold this market and do not have the bandwidth to provide service. Their customer service plays games to get me off the phone, multiple transfers, promised credits that later get denied. They have zero competition here so they don't care about their customers. My neighbors all suffer the same issues with Frontier.

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I was promised service for $128.00 per month by a Frontier Representative. I now have a bill for over
$530.00 for two months of service.

I was told something different each time I called to resolve my issues.

Verizon dumped me without notice.

Prior to being switched, I was given AOL for email service.

I switched to another company. I do not intend to pay Frontier's outrageous bills.

I need to join a class action lawsuit.

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Frontier took over for Verizon and my bill went from $80.00 for 50mbps (which was high, but worked well) to $131.00 for the same 50mbps (which does not work as well)
I've put in at least 8 or 10 calls, one of which got my bill down to $45.00 and I promptly paid it.
They also sent a tech out for "installation" even though I have all the equipment from Verizon that Frontier is using. This tech on his own upgraded the outside box and changed my modem from a cable to a phone line and upgraded my service to 100 and said we "could easily call and put it back" and that it was "only $10..00/month more.
We're finally back to 50, still have the installation cost on our bill that was going to be waived, and our monthly bill has gone from the 45.00 back to 130 something.
Over ten hours easily on the phone and live chats to no avail.
And my service is slowest than ever.
There needs to be a class action in CA as well

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Both our land phone & internet were cutting out anywhere from a few minutes up to 10 days. The problem continued for 2 months without being repaired. The customer service people didn't seem to care if it was working or not. The service persons would arrive 2 to 3 days late and not do anything. After numerous phone calls and lack of repairs we closed our account and switched carriers. Although, to what I have been told, the FCC stats that after 2 days of no service the contract is nullified, after 10 days of no service Frontier insists that I owe them money for service not provided. I have found over 3,500 similar cases online without much looking. When a class action suit is eventually filed, I would like to provide as much assistance as possible to assist in the lawsuit.

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we need a class action suit in Indiana too !!!!

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Frontier took over Verizon in my area (Florida) on 4/1/16. It is now 5/31/16. I am still waiting for them to provide me with service. After numerous cell phone calls, broken promises and missed appointments, I still do not have use of my landline telephone, TV or internet. One thing they have provided me with is a bill. Unfortunately, they are the only provider available in my area.

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on my frontier bill I was offered $5.00 discount for auto-pay. I signed up 5 months ago. First month they said I wasn't on the auto-pay and the fee was charged to my charge account on a one month basis. They offered to sign me up for the auto-pay with the $5.00 reduction. Three months worth of charges have came out and I have never received my $5 deduction. Every month I have called and every month they tell me they have it straightened out. I cancelled it today after they were trying everything they could to get out of the deduction. First they said it went off in April. Told them I had signed up before then. So then they said I just wasn't eligible. Every other month they had told me I was eligible. There are no exemptions listed on their ad. Just says Good News, Illinois Customers. Start earning $5 of your next bill when you enroll in Auto-Pay. Call 800-917-7489 or visit $5 off is a recurring monthly credit available to simply broadband customers who are not already receiving the discount or enrolled in Auto-Pay.

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It is time for another class action suit. My 25/25 Mbps Internet speed dropped to 1.3/25 on 5/10. Was promised a tech to show up on5/16 but they were a no show. Called support and was promised a call back with an update on 5/17. Never received a call. Contacted support again and was told its a high priority since 245 other people in my area have the same problem. These guys have no concept on how to run a network and should not be allowed in the business.

FIOS TX Customer

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time to get class action suit in fl for all billing of services we are not getting but getting for

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I am disabled and on a very set income. I live in Florida and was a faithful customer of Verizon Fios for a few years when suddenly, as of April 1st, Frontier Communications took over. Without notification and without my consent, my account was sold to Frontier. I found out the hard way when I attempted to pay my March bill on April 1st that Verizon's website was no longer active thus giving me no way to pay that bill. Throughout April I lost my home phone, the internet keeps going in and out of service and my cable has been completely faulty. Mind you, I had no idea what was happening. After a frustrating month of continuously trying to contact Verizon I decided to switch providers. March 5th I received a bill from Frontier for $379.39 due March 8th! Today, March 11th, I receive a bill for $576.85 due March 29th! I spent the entire morning and into the afternoon calling Frontier just trying to resolve this. It took several calls just to reach anyone. When I finally did get a real person I was put on hold for roughly a half hour the first time and was treated very rudely and unprofessionally. I spoke with a supervisor eventually and she treated me the same way when I simply tried to get some answers and a resolve to all this nonsense. She was absolutely no help whatsoever, then she put me on hold for just over an hour while she transferred me to yet another disrespectful representative who argued with me when I told her to cancel the faulty services that I never consented to in the first place. I was informed that I would have to pay a penalty fee for cancelling on top of the extremely high bill and added fees that the representative would not explain to me. I was also informed to contact Verizon to resolve this issue. That being said, I restated to the woman that I have been trying ALL of April to reach Verizon and have not been able to reach anyone. After the very stressful ordeal of being treated unprofessionally and rudely I got a verification number for the cancellation of services. Directly after being argued with by Frontier I found and contacted Verizon's Corporate number which took me several times to reach an actual person. I spoke briefly with a woman who didn't seem to care whatsoever about my complaints. She put me on hold for yet again another half hour while she transferred me right back to Frontier!!! It would seem that Frontier is out for one thing only. My money and the money of many others who are going through the very same thing. No one at Frontier came off as concerned or interested in helping me. Not one representative seemed to have the same information as the other and not one of Frontier's representatives would actually help me resolve this conflict I now have with them. Ultimately, I have spent one month and eleven days just trying to reach Verizon to pay my bill and being completely shocked with receiving a Frontier bill that is extremely high for services that I never knew of or consented to while all of April I was without most of my services I thought I had with Verizon on top of being treated quite poorly by Frontier Reps and Supervisors. This entire ordeal has effected me emotionally and financially. There is no reason for all this stress and belittlement for something I was never notified of from the start and especially for the run around, being disrespected, argued with and being charged for faulty services I never agreed to in the first place. Am I wrong to think that my contract was broken by Verizon by selling my account to Frontier without notification, my consent or given a proper amount of time to research and decide for myself whether or not I would go with Frontier? I never even heard of Frontier Communications until now and I feel that I should not be responsible for paying Frontier from April 1st on nor the cancellation and unexplained fees considering the facts and that my services were mostly off or very faulty for April during Frontier's take over of Verizon. I would never have consented to Frontier after all I have heard and read about them and now after receiving such a high bill and being treated the way I was. I did not start a contract with them, but because of this take over I am being charged close to $600!!! I desperately need answers, a resolution for all this unnecessary drama, compensation for my time and money spent and the emotional duress I have suffered in just trying to get to the bottom of things. I'm not sure if I fall into this class action lawsuit or not, but I would greatly appreciate any advice or information in regards to the aforementioned issues I have had.

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I'm in Florida where Frontier has taken over from Verizon. I haven't had service now for over 3 weeks. I'm online at work now. I'm not getting answers and my service calls and service numbers are worthless. I can't even get a live person on the phone to cancel service at this point.

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I haven't had internet for Omer 2 weeks and technicians aren't showing up to appointment. They lie constantly and are completely incompetent.

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They lied to me when I set up my service. I was promised 40mbps for 60 dollars but when the technician came to hook it up he told me I was getting 24mbps which I did not agree to on the phone. After almost a week of playing phone tag (I didn't even know what my bill was at this point) I was told many things along the lines of "I was lying I misheard the speed" and "We don't even offer speeds like that in the area". I signed up because there is a huge sign on the local office saying that they offer 40mbps down. Eventually after arguing and wasting much time I was told that they do indeed offer 40mbps but it is around 200 dollars a month with a business account. Certainly not the 40mbps for 60 dollars I was promised on my residential account with my first call. On top of this my internet goes out almost every single day for an hour plus. I have called over 20 times and they cannot fix the issue. They tell me to get compensation I have to report every single time it goes out and it takes me about an hour and a half to even complete a call. I lost my job working from home due to their internet outages and was promised a month of credit for the issue and I received around 34 dollars when my monthly bill is $60. My girlfriend tried to call back in later with additional technical and billing issues and was hung up on 3 times triggering her medically validated health problems. She was forced to lay in bed in pain from the stress and we would have gone to a hospital but we can't afford it. This company refuses to compensate her for that because she got transferred to billing instead of technical. They said that if she had called technical they would have listened to her and transferred her to be compensated but instead she was transferred to billing and mistreated. Now they say she can't have compensation for the medical issues they caused because she had billing issues instead of technical issues when she tried to call both departments and was transferred to billing and was told they wouldn't give her any information. This came from the highest supervisor that I could possibly speak with. Now we are behind and cannot pay our bill because we are on a fixed income with my girlfriends disability and the lack internet has caused me to lose my job. Please help.

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I have all kinds of charges on my bill like this. Is this for west virginia cutomers as well. My phone and internet services are with frontier.

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Frontier advertises high speed internet for &19.95 a month if you bundle. I signed up for the package a few years ago. The internet speed at that time was 1.0 mbs. For the last 5 years it is getting slower & slower. I just checked my internet speed, it is 0.21 mbs. I have called frontier about this several times, to no avail. The last time I talked to a representative of Frontier, they advised that that there agreement was to provide up too 1.0 mbs. How can they call this High Speed. The Government closed the post office in our area, they said, because the internet was taking it's place. If I try to download a video, it has taken me up too 25 min to watch a 4 min, video. And, There is no other option in the rural area where I live. How can the Government allow a company to continually cheat residents this way.

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