Gamestop Faces Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit

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San Diego, CA: On June 5, 2012, a wage and hour class action lawsuit was filed against Gamestop, Inc. ("Gamestop") alleging Gamestop committed several California Labor Code violations including systematically neglecting to pay their employees for all hours worked.

The Gamestop employees alleged in the class action Complaint they were required to clock out of Gamestop' timekeeping system and continue working off the clock to fulfill their daily tasks. Additionally, the Complaint alleges that Gamestop "consistently does not allocate enough labor hours such that there is not enough time for the employees to complete their required duties within the allocated labor hours."As a result, the Complaint claims that these employees were systematically denied compensation for the actual number of hours worked.

Furthermore, the Complaint asserts that the Gamestop employees were regularly denied meal and rest breaks, and there was no policy in place to compensate employees for missed meal or rest breaks. Specifically, the Complaint alleges that, "Plaintiff and California Class Members are required by [Gamestop] to work alone, or with an employee that cannot be left alone in [a Gamestop] store, for the first five (5) hours of their scheduled shift."

The managing partner of the law firm, Norman B. Blumenthal, stated "companies push for off-the-clock work because it' an easy way to enhance corporate profits. This is done at the expense of the employee and it is illegal."Matheson, et al. vs. Gamestop, Inc., Case No. 37-2012-00098353-CU-OE-CTL is currently pending in the San Diego County Superior Court for the State of California.

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The part about managers not getting rest/meal breaks because they work alone is absolutely true. I worked at 3 different GameStop locations in Colorado as an assistant manager, and the only time I ever got a lunch break during the time I was legally required to was when I was working with another manager, and it didn't happen often. Managers aren't allowed to leave their part-time employees (Called Game Advisors) in the store by themselves. Game Advisors often only work 3 hour shifts anyway, because the stores are designed to work on the absolute minimum number of payroll hours. The consequences for going over on payroll hours or overtime were severe.

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Please help me I worked overtime without breaks and got my hours stolen

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