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Dallas, TX: does not back up its promise to refund money if hotel guests can find a better rate online, according to a recently filed consumer fraud class action lawsuit. Instead, the lawsuit claims, the online booking company sets an "arbitrary and undisclosed limit" on refunds.

Kaylen Silverberg filed a class action against in Dallas County Court, alleging the company will not back up its promise: "'after you book with, if you find a lower publicly available rate on line for the same dates, hotel, and room category, we will match the price and refund you the difference.'" Instead, the lawsuit states " has an arbitrary and undisclosed policy to refund only a portion of the difference between its rate and other, lower rates. For example, in Silverberg's case, stated that 'was can only refund you $142,' even though the price difference was substantially greater."

In the lawsuit, Silverberg claims she booked a room through for two nights in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA., for $355 per night, then found a $223 rate at A third website advertised an even lower rate, $213. Silverberg then asked to back up its guarantee but she was told byt the company that they would refund her only $71 a night, which she calls "an arbitrary and undisclosed limit."

The lawsuit seeks restitution and class damages for breach of contract and unjust enrichment. Consumer Fraud Class Action Legal Help

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If there is any sort of class action lawsuit against, I would like to be included, as I am sure thousands of other fraud victims of would be, on their FB page alone.

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I booked a room in Gettysburg Pa at the The Inn at Lincoln Square through The cancellation policy stated by stated that if I cancelled before March 22, 2020, I would get a refund minus 25.00 fee. I did cancel before that date. And they did charge me the 25.00. Now says it is not their responsibility to refund me but it is the The Inn at Lincoln Square itself. The business itself says they are not responsible. Obviously, someone IS responsible. I have 347.00 on the line, in their pockets, for a service/product I never received and is denied refund even though I played by their rules regarding timely cancellation.Does anyone know of a current class action lawsuit over this type situation which is a scam as far as I'm concerned.

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Wow I booked a 30 dollar per night advertised reservation, but after multiple fees and an extra bed upgrade it was over 100 dollars. Their site clearly states you can re-book without penalty and you can cancel anytime. No, this special cost reservation is non refundable on the invoice. You scroll to the bottom to read such past the quarantine refund part. The place was closed due to a Hurricane, so I called and they would not issue a refund, but offered to re book. After re-booking they charged me even more for the room. I am paying 4x the advertised rate. I hate to say it but I was a sucker and an ignorant consumer. If I had called the hotel directly I would not be in this position.

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I have had a booking on the wrong date. I searched for availability on a given date but then when I made the booking the date changed. I have seen this happen several times with luckily in the past I have caught it and been able to change the booking. This time however I only noticed the issue when I was asked to rate my stay (still a week and a half before my actual stay) I then discovered the booking had actually been made for the previous weekend. I reported this to but the refused to refund my money. I told them I would investigate whether any lawyers were interested in a class action against the company. I would be very happy to hear from a lawyer who is.

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Hello everyone,

I have seen the ugliness and experienced the fraud from this company first hand. I am actively working with my attorney to gather information for class action lawsuit involving their sham rewards program. Please send me your contact information to Our attorney will reach out to you if you situation matches the fact pattern of illegal false advertising they have been committing lately, There is no law against poor customer service, if that was the case would be shuttered today. However, I don't think they know the difference between poor customer service and illegal activities anymore. Please send me your story and we can determine if it can be included.

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on made a duplicate reservation. They claimed they did not but the hotel showed they did. The hotel would not refund my money. claimed there was nothing in their system. They would not give me a refund. I will never use them or recommend them.

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on does NOT stick to their lower price guarantee. The hotel I stayed at told me on the day I arrived I was overcharged for the room by $20 and to let know. I did and they refuse to refund me the price difference.

We also reserved a king sized bed and ended up in a room that was queen sized, which has a $10 price difference.

Not pleased at all with and was wondering if a class action lawsuit has been filed and ended up here. How can I get involved with a class action lawsuit against

I know it's only $20 but if they do this to thousands of other people then it really adds up. What a scam.

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We sent this to and received zero refund on our money.

On Sunday 23rd April, a booking was made on your website (the “Service Provider”) to stay at a

property listed as BNB TLV Apartments, Tel Aviv 6334113, Israel (the “Accommodation”) from the 24th May until

the 28th May (the “Duration”), for $1,056 plus cleaning fees of $80s (the “Fees”), confirmation number

8070664894266 (collectively referred to herein as the “Booking”). The Booking was advertised as a “two

bedroom apartment with one king size bed and one double bed with premium bedding” (Exhibit F).

Prior to our arrival at the Accommodation on 24th May, we received several text messages from the owner and

or manager of the Accommodation (the “Management”) who requested immediate and full payment of the Fees

to be made exclusively in cash on the day of arrival. The Management confirmed that card payments were not

possible and payment via was also not possible – hence the request for 100% of the Fees to be paid

in cash upon arrival.

When we arrived at the Accommodation, we noted that the property was not the same as advertised in the

Booking, including:

1. Bedroom number 2 was not in fact a bedroom but was a study containing a temporary fold out bed

(Exhibit A)

2. Air conditioning did not function throughout the Accommodation – guests were left uncomfortable and

sweating throughout the night.

Furthermore, we noted several aspects of the Accommodation which resulted in the property being unlivable,


1. The smell of raw sewage throughout the Accommodation – a nuisance and breach of health and safety.

Note: one of the four guests staying at the Accommodation is pregnant (Exhibit E)

2. Master Bedroom contained broken electric blinds – guests unable to sleep without blinds. Note, when

we messaged the Management, they confirmed they were already aware of this issue (Exhibit B)

3. Bedroom 2 did not contain blinds to any of the windows. Some higher windows were left exposed,

whilst lower windows were permanently covered using black sheets of paper stuck to the window with

sticky tape and/or blu tac (Exhibit C)

4. No keys were provided to lock the doors to the balcony. Located on the 1st floor with easy access to the

ground floor and with no ability to lock the 3 sets of doors posed a significant safety and security issue

for ourselves and personal belongings.

As a result of the aforementioned issues, the guests started to vacate the Accommodation at 4am the following

morning (only several hours after check in and 3 days before the end of the Duration) and moved to an alternate

hotel – booked again via Prior to booking the second hotel, the guests notified both the

Management and of the aforementioned issues and made a request for a full refund on the Booking.

Since vacating the Accommodation, we note that the Management obtained payment in full for the Fees from

our bank account directly to “BNB TLV Management Limited” without our authorization on Day 1 of the Duration

(25th May 2017) – Exhibit D. As noted previously, the Management previously confirmed on 24th April that

payment was to be made exclusively using cash and or direct payment to their bank account (Exhibit F). No

refund has been made to date.

In conclusion, the Accommodation did not meet the description on website and this represents a

breach of contract and potentially fraudulent misrepresentation. The physical state of the Accommodation was

neither safe, sanitary nor livable. With a pregnant woman present in the Accommodation, any further time

within the property may have caused irreparable damages to her health and the health of the baby. The actions

of Management were questionable and the “cash only” advanced payments request, we believe, were in

anticipation of the future issues we were to experience in their sub standard property.

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I have had the worst most upsetting problems with FOR 1..THEY BOOK ME IN ROOMS THEY SAY ARE SUITES OR OTHER ROOMS BUT I GET THERE AND ITS EXAMPLE A ONE KING BED SMALL ROOM AFTER IBOOK A SUITE WITH 2KIDS WITH ME.THEREFORE NO SUITES AVAILABLE HAD TO BOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE checkout sit and put luggage at other hotel and wait 3 hrs.this is more then few times.ive actually been hungup on when tryn to talk to these people.all they try compensating for these sitiations is to pay for the nite i stayed.NOT FOR THE INCONVEINCE OF PACKING BACK UP ,paying for a cab ..dragging my kids around.till check inn at nect hotel.this also has happen few times.they refuse to ever compensate for there many mistakes.they have made me argue for 4 hrs on phone over free nite i had and they said i had wich i counted on for that nite.ending up no room for nite.they say same thing always.WELL HAVE OTHER DEP ARTMENT. INVESTIGATE IT.MAYB A FEW OUT OF MANY THEYVE BEEN HELPFUL ONLY BECAUSE HOURS OF ARGUING WICH AS A CUSTOMER WHY AM I ARGUING WITH A PLACE IM TRYN TO GET a hotel room for for relaxtion.isat in lobby of hotel 5 hrs stuck.they couldnt figure out what they were doing.for room i had i was stuck again paying cab all way bk home.this company has probably cost me more out of my pocket then ive saved by makes me glad to know it wasnt just in myhead.iits not just me as i wondered and took it personnel.erasing nites youve earned.its endless.i could go on and on but definitely something. Should be done ive been through more stress then i can possibly explain and my kids also.this place is ridiculous and prices are not great and YOU CAN GET THE SAME PRICE JUST SIGNING UP OR NOT EVEN A MEMBER AS YOU CAN BEING A SO CALLED GOLD MEMBER AS I AM.ITS A SCAM BECAUSE I WORKED TO GET TO GOLD MEMBER AND THE PRICES ARE NO DIFFERENT.THEY USE IT AS TACTIC ON PEOPLE TO BOOK THRU THEM AND IBELEIVE ITS DECEITFUL.IHOPE SOMETHING CAN BE DONE

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Days Inn Stockbridge Atlanta South refund and cancellation policy is a lie. I will never use them again because they've allowed Days Inn of Stockbridge Atlanta refuse to grant me a refund after booking on for the wrong date. It was 2AM late Saturday night semptember 17 (technically the 18th) and I only wanted the room until 10:00am Sunday morning. They're blaming each other. Stockbridge Days Inn blames and vice versa. Either way Stockbridge got my money twice and refused a refund through their company! I can not believe this especially after TWO days of reading policy and NO WHERE does it say a hotel cannot book before 3PM!!! Furthermore, that night, I paid directly to the hotel Days Inn of Stockbridge a little after 230am with hopes of being issued a refund via I got charged twice for the same night basically and nobody is trying to give my money back!

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on has ripped me off of 340 hard earned dollars. They've been giving me the run around from Manila to San Salvador since (their support offices). offered to find us another hotel after one of their hotels denied that me and my wife had a reservation over the phone the day of our arrival. They then proceeded to charge my card again for the same total while the renegade hotel (Yellowstone Self Catering Motel) charged my card as well. We never set foot in the place because they denied us our stay by telling us that we had no booking on record, now isn't returning my phone calls or emails and when I call back their support staff sends me around in circles. I will have to go through the courts if I want to see my money rightfully returned

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on booked the wrong date then refused to re-book on the correct date of refund the money. I had to put in a dispute with the bank and I am considering a lawsuit since this is a regular practice of theirs. You have three days to cancel a contract, and this one wasn't even signed. I called them with in 10 minutes of seeing the error and still they would not correct it.

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on refused to refund money when a property double booked same room. We had to find other accommodations at twice the price! I made the mistake of using them once, and will never make that mistake again!

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I have used for many years and have encountered many obstacles with their policies.

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