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Two years ago, an earlier lawsuit temporarily halted mandatory anthrax vaccinations for all 2.4 million service members and contractors. Two months ago, the defense department announced a reinstitution of the mandatory inoculation program. A class action lawsuit has been filed against the federal military alleging mandatory anthrax vaccinations are unethical and unsafe. The FDA approved the vaccine saying it was safe, effective, and not misbranded for protection against both skin contact with anthrax and inhalation. The lawsuit claims the FDA's certification of the vaccine is based on slipshod statistical analysis and an improper use of testing data. The military claims the inoculations are to protect members and civilians from aerosolized anthrax spores weaponries by terrorists or enemies of the United States. However, service members and contractors are threatened with termination from employment or criminal prosecution if they refuse inoculation. The case was filed in US District Court for the District of Columbia on behalf of all military service members and civilian contractors facing inoculation. BioPort Corporation manufacturers the vaccine.

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Posted by
shaun t wood
U.s.merchant mariner.....civilian crewing military sealift command vessels from 2010 to 2013..... Forced to take anthrax vaccine 3 or 4 times or lose my job .....quote " take the shots or pack your gear and leave"..... have for years been experiencing numbness and tingling in fingers, toes and feet..... and hair loss.

Posted by
Joe P
I received 3 Anthrax vaccines back in 2002 and have been experiencing the Gulf War Syndrome since 2008. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. All cursors linking to the Anthrax Vaccine. The VA has denied me for 6 years now stating my symptoms are not military related. All the research since the 1990s, Congressional Hearings, and Independent Studies say otherwise. This is our generations Agent Orange that the VA is trying to cover up.

Posted by
Derrick Drake
I served in the Army and have puleld my records, I received 2 bouts of the alleged vaccines by Bioport, what do I do?

Posted by
I was in the Navy from 1991-2011 and during those times I was vaccinated with Anthrax vaccine because it is a mandatory for all deployed service members to be vaccinated. I think I had couple of deployments in the gulf or middle east that I received that shots. Before I was physically fit and nothing to worry about my health but now after years had past I felt like I'm not the kind of guy I used to be. My body felt weak, develop a heart palpitation, stress at all times, felt nervous on everything I do, anxiety, depression and other stuff. I don't know what is going on to myself. I want to be by myself rather socializing out there. Sometimes I think the Anthrax shots I received that has a long term effect causes all this things to myself.

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