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A class action lawsuit has been filed against the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). The suit alleges that the TSA violated the rights of veterans and other professional federal employees who are dedicated to the security of the United States. The suit claims that the TSA is denying employment rights to employees with no regard for the employees' length of federal service. The suit is charging the TSA with violations of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, the Veterans' Preference Act, the Administrative Procedures Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and the First and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. The suit was filed against the Transportation Security Administration by The American Federation of Government Employees alleging violations of veteran and federal employees rights.

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I am an employee of American Airlines at the DFW airport and have been here for over 30 years. I saw a TSA employee today run through the check point without scanning her badge at the D30 check point around 1530. No one gave her a second look. I went through the employee portal then went to the secure side to speak to a supervisor about what had happened. This male supervisor basically said he had more checks done on him than I had and could do what ever he wanted and said " I have a top secret security clearance". I was in the Marine corps and know exactly what that is. I told him he didn't know what that was and that he did not have one or needed one. He never answer my questions but said he was going to call DPS, at that point I left the area. I called his supervisor who's name is Ken Regan and told him what had happened. He said that the TSA have rules they follow and that they can do what ever they want. I talked to a DPS officer in C terminal and he said get the guys name and file a complaint. I went back to D terminal to get his name and spoke to Ken Regan again and he said he would not give me the supervisors name with the top secret. I called DPS and they said they could not ask for his name and Ken repletely refused to give me his name. My question was why can a TSA employee go through security on her way to work and not scan her SIDA badge? Why did 2 supervisor's refuse to answer my question? Why was a request for a name refused? I am extremely angry that a breach of security happened and Ken acted like it was none of my business. He was rude and very unprofessional. It seems like you are ALL above the law and just us little people that work at the airport are not trusted without a bag scan and search even though I have had the exact background checks done with me plus a customs security check. You know that there is no constitutional authority for the TSA to exist, much less wield unchecked power within the states. This unconstitutional agency was created by Congress through the pretense of “national security” and it is failing miserably. Americans have been deceived into trading their essential liberties for a completely non-existent security.Every week brings a new TSA horror story. Given the epidemic of harassment, criminality and abuse that TSA agents have been caught engaging in both on the job and off-duty. I just want to know if the flying public knows that you are ALL above the law and can do what ever you want?

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