Zelnorm Pulled For Heart Attacks and Strokes

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On Mar-30-07 Novartis stopped U.S. sales of its Zelnorm irritable bowel syndrome treatment at the request of the Food and Drug Administration after people taking the medicine had an increase in heart attacks and strokes.

Zelnorm is a prescription medicine prescribed for treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a mysterious disorder that gives millions of people, mostly women, abdominal pain and either severe diarrhea or severe constipation or both. Zelnorm is the only FDA-approved therapy for the constipation-causing form of the ailment. It is intended to be used only by women.

Zelnorm LabelZelnorm is used to speed the movement of stools through the colon and has been linked to serious cases of diarrhea, ischemic colitis and even death. As a result, the FDA has ordered that a precaution about the intestinal conditions be placed on the label, along with a larger warning about severe diarrhea.

The FDA has received reports of diarrhea so severe that it caused such complications as low blood pressure and fainting. A number of these patients required hospitalization. The FDA has also received reports of ischemic colitis and reports of a similar intestinal problem. A number of patients were hospitalized and several died.

The FDA warning states that Zelnorm should not be used by anyone who frequently experiences diarrhea, and should be stopped immediately if the patient suffers dizziness or fainting.

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I do not know if I actually had angina, as I don't have insurance. I was taken to a local hospital with a severe nose bleed in 2005, at which time my BP was in stroke range and was kept until meds were able to stabilize my BP within safe range again. I was diagnosed with hypertension AFTER I was put on Zelnorm for IBS with constipation ( severe case)...shorly after this I was put on Lisinopril for the hypertension problem. My doctor took me off the Zelnorm in May of this year........and now I am OFF any hypertension meds, as they were making my BP too low and I was passing out!
I would like to know if I am eligible for any compinsation. I am disabled and am in a case with Social Security Disability. So as you know, I do not have anything! I am still suffering with my colon, however my hypertension is gone and due to the fact that Zelnorm was removed from the market. Also, is there any possibility of residual effects to my heart or brain. I also have had severe headaches with often sharp pains inside my skull. My skull was scanned and no tumors were found. I am quite concerned with this matter, as my daughter ( an RN) is.

Please advise me.

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