Bausch & Lomb.

A $12.5 million settlement has been reached and is pending approval in the class action lawsuit filed in 2001 on behalf of purchasers of the company's common stock from Jan. 27, 2000, through Aug. 24, 2000. The suit alleged that the company had misled investors about its financial expectations. (Aug-03-04) [THE STREET]

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I had cataract surgery in March 2012. Had implants made by Busch and Lomb put in both eyes. It is my understanding that implants are supposed to be "life time"... Well my implants have gone bad. They are defective. The Dr was great...I healed great... My vision was restored to 20/20. UNTIL about a yr or so ago... I noticed that I couldn't see as clearly anymore. (especially the right eye) I now have somewhat of a "fog" I have just had the second opinion... 4/4/17 I saw a dr who confirmed that it is indeed these implants that are defective. I AM NOT HAPPY. It was recommended I wait 6 mo... and let him check them again... so I go back in Oct. This dr checked to be sure that I did not have a "secondary" cataract on the back of the eye capsule... He was going to do a laser treatment that would clear the vision up IF that had been the issue... But he stopped the treatment as soon as he started saying that the problem was in the lens ... They both are getting spots in them...which is limiting vision... He stated that this is most unusual... and it is not something that is supposed to happen... He preferred I wait 6 mo and recheck my vision... and then He says he can do surgery, to remove this defective lens, and replace it. He also warned that the risk are greater with a second surgery... because of scar tissue from the first time....etc... I am very concerned about this... WHAT if I am fortunate and heal well and the surgery works and in 2 or 3 yrs the stupid lens is going bad again??? I'd think a 3rd surgery would not be good at all... Having a second with the risks are scary, but I will end up doing it because I have to be able to see well... My lens were made by Busch & Lomb. In searching online....I find they were sued for something similar before some yrs ago... I I'm thinking I will need a really good lawyer for this... I can't find any current information on line about anyone else with my problem Surely I can not be the only one... ??

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