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San Francisco, CA: (Sep-12-07) A class action lawsuit was brought against Shake Company of California, alleging that the shakes manufactured by the company were defective and could cause damages. Cal-Shake shakes are a type of fiber-cement roofing shakes made to look like wood shakes. Cal-Shake shakes were sold and installed between 1980 and 1995. This class included all persons who own or owned property with Cal-Shake shakes that were manufactured between January 25, 1980 and January31, 1986. The class also includes property owners who have replaced their Cal-Shake shakes.

In a settlement reached, the company agreed to pay out a proposed $2.975 million to class members. Company officials stated that the settlement will provide cash payments to class members who qualify for reimbursement under the terms of the Plan of Distribution. [PR NEWSWIRE: CAL-SHAKE SETTLEMENT]

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We bought a home 2 years ago with a Cal-Shake roof. We did our inspection to find out that you can not walk or even tent the home because of this type of roof tile. We also would like to install solar but can't unless we replace the roof. Please call 949.842.4737

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We installed Cal Shake in 2000. In the recent winds , we had many blown off/damaged. We now need to replace the whole roof. Is there anything that can still be done regarding benefiting from this suit?
Thank you

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We purchased our residence in 2018. At the time it was subject to the usual inspection which included the normal interior and exterior evaluations. Comments about the roof were a bit worrisome but not excessively alarming. The inspection was "limited due to type if roof material, and roof was viewed from a ladder and the ground only. Do not walk. Cal Shake type tile.

For the first time in the four years we have lived here we were subject to 70 - 90 mph wind gusts which caused the loss of many trees, some hundreds of years old, and many of the tiles on our roof were blown down and into our neighbor's yards. Fortunately, damage to other properties did not occur as a result of our "flying tiles".

We are now faced with a complete roof replacement. An expense we are not anxious to bear. Is there any possibility we might be able to participate in the Class action settlement Cal-Shake made as ordered by the court?

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