Green Tree Financial Corp.

A $12.5 million settlement has been reached and is pending approval in the class action lawsuit filed against Green Tree Financial Corp., formerly Conseco Finance Corp., by shareholders. The suit alleged that the company's stock was artificially inflated due to questionable accounting practices on the part of the company's former officials. (Jul-23-03) [PIONEER PRESS]

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Posted by
Ricky Webb
Green Tree increased my payments from 441.22 to 740.00. which made it impossible for me to continue making the payments especially after loosing my job of nearly 16 years. There were even times when they demanded that I pay $801.00 and $901.00 for the month. In 2005 I had an opportunity to sell part of the 11.5 acres that I had to pay $55,000.00 on my mortgage. They refused to release the deed unless I paid the entire note off or refinanced. This company foreclosed on all my property in July of 2015 and said I would have to pay $84,000.00 but have only the house and 3.3 acres listed for sale in the amount of $25,000.00. I have had this note with them since November of 1999. There have been many harassing phone calls and even had my Trac-fone minutes ran out with the run around transfer game they play. They have even called many members of my family in regards to my account. They even researched my niece's cell number because she was listed as a beneficiary on the insurance policy. There have also been many calls to my previous employer after being asked not to call there. My email address is listed so if I have any recourse options in getting my property back please contact me there soon,thank you.

Posted by
Jeff Daniels
I got tossed into the GT circus after BOA decided that they did not want those loans. I never missed a payment EVER!!!!!! GT immediately started calling and harassing me to no end. From 0700 to 1000 all day. They claimed that I was 3 months behind. Bullcrap! This went on for years. I was probably very close to losing my house when I finally contacted an attorney. We negotiated for a refi thru GT. I was supposed to get my payments reduced from 1100.00 dollars per month to 800.00 per month. That was a little over a year ago. That has never happened. They keep claiming my extra payments are going towards catching up my escrow. Even before the refi, I used to pay extra for money towards my principal. I guess all that money disappeared. Before the refi, I used to pay all of my own insurance and taxes too. Now they demand that I pay them. I have all the records to show everything. Is there anyone out there who can help me? JD

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