Menu Foods Prohibited from talking with Unrepresented Pet Owners

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Woodand, CALaurie Lunch is frustrated. Not only did vet bills for her cat Doobie set her back $240, she also filled out nine pages of paperwork and sent copies of invoices to Menu Foods for reimbursement -- as claimed on its website. "Guess what -- not a word back, not even an acknowledgement that they received all the paperwork," says Lunch.

"Doobie was one year old and had been eating 'special kitty' Wal-Mart brand made by Menu Foods for about six months -- he really liked it," says Lunch. "About the time of the recall (March, 2007), I noticed he was lethargic and his eyes glazed over. Doobie was an active little kitty but he would hardly move. Then he started vomiting and had diarrhea. At that point I took him to the vet -- I thought he might die. I was so worried and didn't have the money to pay for the vet. Luckily I borrowed $240 from my grandmother -- she loves Doobie as well.

The vet did some tests and gave him antibiotics and something for diarrhea. Doobie was back to his old self in a few weeks -- he got that kitty look back. Then I found out about the recall.

Sick CatI called Menu Foods constantly. The operators took my name and number and asked a few questions and it was always the same: they said someone would get back to me. Nobody got back to me. Finally someone called me from Crawford and Company -- an outsource company -- (apparently Menu Foods couldn't handle all the calls). They gave me the option to download a claim from their website or have it sent by mail. I asked for them to mail it but I never did get it. Instead I downloaded the paperwork -- all nine pages with 45 questions.

They wanted me to answer the questions, send copies of vet bills and any vet reports. I sent them all the information they required. They asked if I had any labels from 'special kitty' but I had thrown them all out. However I did have two receipts showing that 'special kitty' was purchased from Wal-Mart so I sent them copies of the invoices.

Guess what? Not a word. Whenever I called they would say, 'We cannot discuss this any further because we have a lawsuit pending and the courts told us that we cannot talk to you.' What about the paperwork I sent?

Why did Menu Foods ask for all this information and not follow through? That is sad. I was devastated that Doobie was so sick and I feel really sorry for people whose pets passed away.

On its website, Menu Foods at one time stated that they would reimburse vet bills. And now, having an outsource company handle these claims and do nothing--it's more than rude. Why did they waste my time? To this day I still don't know if they even looked at my paperwork. Next up, I went online and filed a complaint with your site—maybe now I can find out what happened."

The menu food website states the following regarding its recall:


January 8, 2008

The mediation referenced in Menu Foods' statement of September 28, 2007, is continuing.

Recently, the parties to the Multi-District Litigation notified the U.S. District Court that they had made significant progress in the mediation. By Order filed on January 4, 2008, the U.S. District Court directed that the litigation be stayed until February 14, 2008, when the parties will report to the Court on the status of the mediation.

The mediation has been expanded to include parties who allege that they represent classes of Canadian pet owners.

The U.S. District Court's order that prohibits Menu Foods from communicating with unrepresented pet owners remains in effect.

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I want to talk to others involved in this suit. It was our understanding 24 Million was the settlement, and we are suppost to get a percentage of that. We are getting a percentage of $ 250,000. Where does this extra money go? The Claims administrator will be dividing this money up at his discretion. How do we look into the dispersement page, from the law suit, to see just how it is all being handled. My kitty sufferd long and slow, She wasted away for weeks, with tubes all in her little legs. My dog's insides swole up three sizes bigger than he was. He cried a low wimper, on my lap with blood running out his mouth, Looking up at me all wile he was dying, on the way to the Vet. After all the years we trusted our countrys laws to protect us and our pets. My little dogs face keeps haunting me, I feel so helpless even today. We need more info. on what is all going with the division of this money, we are entitled to know.

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