Pergo: Dream Kitchen Floor turned into Nightmare

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Shirley, AR"Nobody should be able to put one thing on the shelf as a sample and sell you a different product," says Jo Lockard." Pergo is deceptive and they shouldn't get away with selling defective laminate flooring." Lockard wanted the best possible floor for her dream kitchen—which has now turned into a nightmare.

"In 2000 I shopped for flooring and brought home a sample each of Pergo and Armstrong from Home Depot," says Lockard. "I abused them; I was mean to them--water, fire, the works. They were both good, hard products and took the abuse well." But she found out later that the Pergo sample was a far cry from the product she purchased.

"My husband wanted a finished floor so we went with Pergo," she says. "We spent $3,000 for the flooring, including everything the store said I needed to lay the floor correctly. We followed the instructions and even watched the video—as well, my husband has been a home builder for 30 years so he knew what he was doing.

It looked great for a few weeks then I noticed a warp about two inches long. Part of the floor was swelling up. I thought the dog had peed on it but that wasn't the case--I noticed more buckling up. I called Home Depot.

'You didn't put enough glue on it, go back and rub more glue into the top of the floor,' someone told me. The second time I called, they told me the glue was defective and that was causing the problem. This was crazy--I had soaked this product (the sample) overnight in water, it should be able to get wet. And it has underlay.

This product is junk. It is like particle board—it just falls apart.

I still have five extra boxes unopened, sitting in my kitchen, still wrapped in the original package. And I still have the original glue. Worthless. It definitely isn't what was on the display. Pergo duped its customers. The corners of the floor flake off; it is not held together like it is supposed to be.

Then I called Pergo. They said there was nothing they could do about it and the product was fine. I was going for the Pergo name but that name means nothing now. They had to have known the sample wasn't the same as their product. You could butt a cigarette on the sample and not leave a mark. I will never buy a Pergo product again—they meant to deceive us, they knew all along they were selling a piece of junk. Anything would be better than the floor I have now. I show it to as many people as possible and tell them what not to buy.

The company should have recalled it and replaced it. If I got cheap stuff for $1 per foot, it would be better than what I have now. We needed about 700 square feet—it was expensive. And I am sickened by this, knowing I am stuck with it. My only recourse is to rip it up because you can't just take up one piece. Or I can join a class action lawsuit."

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I feel your pain. When I purchased my condo, new laminate flooring had been installed and it looked beautiful. It was not the only reason I purchased, but it was definitely a plus. I can't say what brand it is because I don't know, but it has been a nightmare for me.

During the first few months, I noticed that the seams were not staying flat. I had read about not getting water on the floor, so I was careful. The seams continue to show, and I can't say it looks very nice now. I thought, and still think, it might be because the owner used the cheapest possible laminate, just to make the sale. That may or may not be true.

But for anyone thinking of getting laminate, I am going to tell you there is no way for you can be careful enough with this flooring. There are just times when something gets spilled, it happens. I keep towels close at hand for such times, but it doesn't matter. If water has been there even for seconds, the floor will warp. I had no idea how difficult it would be to prevent any drop of water from touching the floor. Is it because mine is cheap? Possibly, my situation is not like the previous commenter because she made every effort to get the best. But for those of you who cannot afford the best, don't get laminate. You cannot imagine the anxiety it causes to constantly have to be on guard for a drop of water. God forbid I drop an entire glass of water, I can't imagine how much damage would be done. And of course, it cannot be fixed. Once it is warped, that's it. Just like that, your beautiful floor now has a lump that's there forever.

If you have children, I definitely think you should go another route. Imagine trying to keep every drop of water off the floor when there are children around. It would be a disaster for everyone involved. You cannot expect children not to have an accident once in a while. Your nerves would be shot trying to keep this flooring looking nice.

Yes, it did look beautiful, but I had no idea you had to handle it with kid gloves. I thought it would clean up easily, not stain, like carpet, and I thought it would be ideal if my dog ever had an accident. Thankfully, he has not, but if he should, there is no way I could avoid having more warped flooring no matter how fast I got to it. And if I wasn't home, forget it. Just be forewarned. This kind of flooring is not what they lead you to believe it is. Stick with something, that you can clean up if something is spilled, tracked in or left on shoes. These accidents are not that fun to clean up, but at least you want to be able to clean them up, not have them ruin your floor!

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I purchased my Pergo flooring at Lowes. It looked good the first couple of months, then it started to buckle in the middle of the floor. I called Lowes and they said they would send the contractors out here to take a look. They said they would resolve the problem. The contractor came back out and they said I had a moisture issue. I called local plumbers and my insurance company. NO MOISTURE PROBLEM. I called Lowes back and they sent out the contractor again,and they said the same thing, except they kept going around with their meter and not letting my husband look and said there were puddles of water and the readings had went way up. Lowes called and told me I would have to call my insurance company again, I told her I already have. I don't have a moisture issue. She claimed the contractors took pictures. I had another plumber and Serf Pro agent come and NO LEAKING. Now, I don't know what to do. I am out of 30000.00 dollars. Anyone have any suggestions?

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