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A class action lawsuit has been filed in the US District Court, District of Oregon on behalf of consumers who own, or have owned defective Pergo laminated flooring. The lawsuit claims that consumers have been harmed as a result of Pergo's design, manufacture, distribution and sale of defective Laminate Flooring.

Pergo Inc. allegedly knew, or recklessly didn't know, its laminate flooring was defective but sold it to thousands of US consumers in or around 1996. The company concealed material information regarding the defective flooring, telling consumers its product was not defective, even after consumers complained to Pergo about problems with their laminate flooring.

After a short time, consumers have complained that the flooring has loud cracking, banging, snapping and thumping noises; warping at the joints, visible seams and buckling, and more...

The Warranty

The laminate flooring comes with a 25-year residential warranty which guarantees that:

  • The laminate surface will not wear through
  • The floor will not fade due to sun or electrical light
  • The floor will not stain
  • The floor will resist damage from moisture due to damp mopping and everyday spills when removed promptly
  • The joint will remain secure under normal use conditions
Pergo provides a limited warranty for six months covering any manufacturing defects in the flooring.

It goes on to state that: (10) "Installation of flooring that contains any manufacturing defect is not covered by this warranty".

In some instances, Pergo replaced (at no cost to the consumer) defective product with new laminate flooring, so long as it was still under the limited six month manufacturing warranty. However, the new flooring was equally defective, causing further frustration and expense to consumers.

Pergo Inc., based in Raleigh, North Carolina is one of the largest producers of laminate flooring in the world, with US sales of more than $250 million. Pergo is sold through 3,500 retailers, including Home Depot and Lowes.

Pergo Laminate Flooring Articles

Pergo: Dream Kitchen Floor turned into Nightmare
"Nobody should be able to put one thing on the shelf as a sample and sell you a different product," says Jo Lockard." Pergo is deceptive and they shouldn't get away with selling defective laminate flooring." Lockard wanted the best possible floor for her dream kitchenâ€"which has now turned into a nightmare.

Pergo Flooring: How to Get Out of Pergo-tory
Carol Millin's Pergo laminate flooring was not even a month old when she noticed huge scratches and dents. "Every day I would see little indentations appearing from nowhere and they are permanent," she says. But thanks to her perseveranceâ€"and understanding the fine print from her credit card companyâ€"Millin was able to get some compensation for Pergo's defective flooring.

Pergo Defective Laminate Flooring Legal Help

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Last updated November 6 2007

Reader Comments

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We had Pergo laminate, purchased at Home Depot, installed in half of our new construction home in 2013. Very quickly we noticed cracks and lifting at the seams and notified Home Depot. The company sent out their inspector and said it was due to improper installation (the guy we hired to install it had 24 years experience). We spent several thousand dollars on this floor and every time I look at it or hear the cracking noises I feel like we got shafted by Home Depot and Pergo for this “25 year warranty” awful product.

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We had Pergo flooring installed in our kitchen hallway and Livingroom some years back. It is separating and the ends are coming up. Please inform me or what you can do for us and of any law suit. we were told when we purchased it that it should last 25 years.

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In 2012, I had Lowes installed my Pergo laminated flooring, and the warranty said it was commercial durability. I still have several boxes that were not used. Pergo has to be the worse laminate flooring ever. They lie to h e customer by stating they warranty for 25 years. I had an inspector come out to my house and of course he was being paid by them so he found no wrong. My floors are warped, scratched, they've even shrink in some areas of the house.It has cost me a pretty penny to install 1,800
square feet of laminate flooring. We are only two in my house, so we do not have much traffic. Please DO NOT PURCHASE PERGO!!! I WOULD LIKE FOR THE COMPANY TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR SUCH TERRIBLE MATERIAL

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I bought this product from lowes in 2013 and had my house done except for kitchen and bedrooms
The joints are coming loose and some bubbles are showing in the seams in places.
Very unhappy and would like replacement or money back

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Spent over $3000 one year ago for flooring. I have literally tripped over corners that are popping up. Pergo said it was the fault of the installer for not leaving enough expansion room. That is not true. He left at least 1/2 inch. The floor board wouldn't cover it and he had to come back and fix it. It is awful right now. Creaks, crackles, moves...

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Our floor had scratches on it before it was even finished. It is covered with scratches and has scuff marks that won't come off. We had a Torly's laminate floor for 5 years in our last house and it had not one scratch and the scuff marks came off with a dab of acetone. Laminate floors aren't supposed to scratch!

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Floor was professionally installed and Pergo was consulted about some specific issues. Instructions by them were followed carefully. Floor buckled about 2 yrs. later and each section has raised edges which gives the floor a wavy appearance in the light. I absolutely hate this floor. They insist it has moisture underneath & wasn't installed properly. No one wants to claim responsibility. I have lived with it for 10 yrs. and hate to look at it. As I do look at it, I decided to check on line to see if others have had trouble with their "excellent warranty", (which is why we bought it) and I then found other complaints and then found this site.

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They replaced it. Have that floor still in my garage. Now the second floor is separating. They told me it was because I have a bad underlayment. This floor looks terrible.They put the under layment down. Not once but twice.

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Purchased Pergo for kitchen, hallway and foyer - from the beginning the floor could not be cleaned properly - all sorts of marks and tracks stood out even after washing clean with water - it can be noticed especially when the sun shines on it . The flooring company sent sample boards to the factory to be reexamined - they have not heard from them in two months now - the flooring company replaced 1/3of my floor with new boards and the same thing still occurs - there are marks all over the floor that cannot be removed - a Pergo "inspector" came out and reported that the marks could be taken off with acetone - the flooring company tried with no luck and Pergo dropped the claim - we cannot reach ANYBODY at the Pergo office - there is definitely a defect in this particular pattern and color. Please email me if more information is needed.

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