Restocking Fees—What You Can Do

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Seattle, WAThere are a few things consumers can do to protect themselves from paying unfair restocking fees.
  • Find out what a store's policy is before making any purchases. If the policy seems unreasonable and there are similar items in other stores with no restocking fees, shop somewhere else.

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  • Watch out for red flags. If a company still charges restocking fees on items that are defective it is best to go somewhere else. In fact, any restocking fee on an item returned due to the retailer or manufacturer's error is a red flag. A customer should not have to pay for the company's mistake.

  • Once a decision is made to return a product, return it as soon as possible. The less time between the purchase and the return, the better the chances of not being charged a restocking fee.

  • Keep all packaging and contents together and in good condition. Companies are more likely to charge a restocking fee if they have to pay to repackage a product. This is because packaging is actually expensive for retailers. The less they have to spend to restock a product, the less they charge customers.

  • Keep the receipt and make sure to take it to the retailer when making a return.

  • Get all promises of waived restocking fees in writing and get a manager's signature on the promise. Some employees might promise that a restocking fee will be waived on a purchase in order to make a sale, but without something in writing, stores will not honor that promise.
It is also a good idea for consumers to know the law in their state regarding restocking fees. This can help protect them if a company tries to illegally charge a restocking fee. The Department of Consumer Affairs for each state will have that information.

The possibility of a class action lawsuit is now being investigated to determine whether or not some companies are charging unreasonable restocking fees that do not actually reflect the cost of restocking a returned item. If you have paid an unreasonable restocking fee on returned items, contact a lawyer to discuss your options.

Retail Return Restocking Fees Legal Help

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