States Have Rules Regarding Restocking Fees

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Seattle, WAAs more stores charge restocking fees on retail returns, states are more actively watching companies to ensure restocking fees are being charged legally. Unfortunately, not all companies charge legal restocking fees. Some charge ridiculously high restocking fees while others charge them regardless of whether or not the returned item is defective. Lawyers are now investigating the possibility of a class action lawsuit against companies that alienate their customers by imposing illegal restocking fees.

shopper restocking feesMany states allow restocking fees provided customers are alerted to the charges before a purchase is made. However, some states do not allow restocking fees except in certain circumstances. For example, Hawaii does not allow restocking fees except in very specific situations such as for customized work. Some states, such as New Hampshire, do not require companies to place their policy prominently before a purchase is made. However other states require companies to inform customers of return policies including any restocking fees.

Restocking fees must also be a reasonable amount and be related to the expense of restocking an item. They should not be unreasonably high in relation to the purchase price of a product. Usually companies charge a restocking fee between 10 percent and 25 percent of the original purchase price. However, some companies charge as high as 50 percent the price of a product.

Companies cannot use restocking fees as a penalty or to discourage consumers from returning defective items. The fees can only be charged as a cost of business and to help offset the cost of restocking a returned item. For example, many electronics companies charge restocking fees because opened items cannot be sold as new once they are returned. However, if the product is defective or in some way damaged through no fault of the customer there should not be a restocking fee. Furthermore, if a company delivers the wrong product or fails to deliver an item in a timely manner the customer should also not have to pay a restocking fee.

Retail Return Restocking Fees Legal Help

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Outdoor Shopping Canada, a New York company selling on has a hidden 15% restocking fee on returns. This fee is not found on their online return policy but is applied to returns.

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I made an online purchase for a xbox1 for my grandson through Dell.I tried to cancel it 20 minutes later while trying through my computer shut off and by the time I got it working again customer service was closed.I got a hold of them the next morning and they said my order had already been processed and I would have to wait till I got it and send it back. Now I see they charge a 15% restocking fee even if it hasn't been opened,that's $40.00! Is there any way to get out of this restocking fee? It seems to me if I return it unopened they will have no problem selling it . I'd appreciate any help .

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I no longer will shop at Best Buy because of a restocking fee. I was charged with two separate phone returns. They now have an item that I can't find other places, but I won't return to their store.

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I received an autoship from Prevention Pharmaceuticals for Omax 3. I was under the impression that I would receive a one month supply at a price of $39. To my surprise I received a two month supply of omax 3 and also 2 bottles of vitamins at a total price of$169.75.
I called to cancel and for an RMA number. I spoke to Tara who told me they would charge me a 25%. restocking fee. I feel that I am a victim of deceptive marketing. I did not have any notification of such fees or of the quantity and pricing of the shipment. I feel I should receive a total refund.

Thank you for any help that you can provide.

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