Veggie Booty Recall: Parents Wonder What Food is Safe for Children

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Sea Cliff, NYAs children recover from Salmonella wandsworth poisoning that developed after they ate Veggie Booty, parents are left wondering whether or not snack foods for their children really are safe. Some parents are filing lawsuits, alleging Robert's American Gourmet, maker of Veggie Booty, breached its duty to consumers by selling food that was not fit for human consumption.

Veggie Booty child snackingBecause Veggie Booty is sold in health food stores, among other places, many parents probably thought the snack food was completely safe for their children to eat. They were surprised to learn that even food sold at health food stores has a risk of contamination. Furthermore, the word "Gourmet" in the name of the manufacturer is not regulated, so it does not indicate a product that has higher safety standards than products by other manufacturers.

The Salmonella contamination affected more than 50 people in the United States, but almost all of those were under 10 years old and the majority were toddlers. At least four people were hospitalized because of the salmonella. Despite being released from hospital, some patients who developed salmonella poisoning will require weeks to fully recover.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) "Salmonella typically causes diarrhea (may be bloody), often accompanied by abdominal cramps and fever. Symptoms typically begin within one to four days after exposure to the bacteria." Patients who have weakened immune systems are at risk of Salmonella invading their bloodstream, causing life-threatening infections.

Symptoms of salmonella poisoning include fever, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and nausea. Anyone experiencing these symptoms within a few days of eating Veggie Booty should seek medical attention immediately.

Lawsuits have been filed against Robert's American Gourmet, alleging the company breached its duty to make food "that was fit for human consumption...and that was free of pathogenic bacteria." The lawsuit was filed after an 18-month-old was hospitalized with Salmonella from eating Veggie Booty snack food.

States that reported cases of Salmonella contamination include California, where seven cases were identified, Colorado with five cases, and Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Washington with four cases each. Other states that were affected include Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, and Texas. The first reports of salmonella poisoning began in March 2007.

The salmonella was traced to the seasoning used on the Veggie Booty snacks. The seasoning is made from Chinese ingredients and was purchased from Atlantic Quality Spice & Seasonings. Reports have also been released that in addition to Salmonella Wandsworth, Salmonella Typhimurium was found in unopened bags of Veggie Booty.

In addition to recalling Veggie Booty snacks, Robert's American Gourmet also recalled Super Veggie Tings Crunchy Corn Sticks as a precautionary measure because the Corn sticks use the same seasoning as Veggie Booty.

Anyone who has bags of Veggie Booty and/or Super Veggie Tings should throw the bags away immediately.

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