Fiat Chrysler and Bosch EcoDiesel Emissions Cheating Allegations

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Santa Clara, CA: Fiat Chrysler (FCA) and Bosch are facing allegations of emissions cheating in that they colluded to falsify diesel emissions readings with their diesel Dodge RAM 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel models.

The allegations come from a California Dodge RAM 1500 EcoDiesel owner who claims the two entities knowingly concealed the use of an emissions-cheating defeat device and illegally high emissions levels up to 10 times the legal limit in EcoDiesel vehicles, and sold them under false pretenses.

According to court documents, FCA “claims that ‘no NOx’ exits the tailpipe.” This was done to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. The documents also state FCA claimed its EcoDiesel vehicles are “clean diesel” with ultra-low emissions, high fuel economy and powerful torque and towing capacity.

In its own words, FCA claims that “the Bosch emissions control system helps ensure that virtually no particulates and minimal oxides of nitrogen (NOx) exit the tailpipe.”

However, the engineering firm is alleged to have been “at the heart of the diesel scandal in the United States,” and was an “active and knowing participant in the scheme to evade U.S. Emissions requirements.” Court documents state that Bosch participated not just in the development of the defeat device, but in the scheme to prevent U.S. regulators from uncovering the device’s true functionality.

FCA and Bosch profited from this, as FCA charges a premium for EcoDiesel-equipped vehicles. For example, selecting the 3.0 liter EcoDiesel engine on the 2016 Dodge RAM 1500 Laramie adds $4,770 to the purchase price. And the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland EcoDiesel costs $4,500 more than its gasoline counterpart.”

Consumers who purchased these vehicles in good faith may suffer losses as the affected vehicles will necessarily be worth less in the marketplace because of their decrease in performance and increased wear on their cars’ engines. By unknowingly purchasing a vehicle without proper emission controls, consumers may have suffered out-of-pocket losses, cost of future attempted repairs and diminished value of their vehicle.

In November, a potential class action lawsuit was filed against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and engine maker Cummins Inc, alleging emissions cheating as the diesel engines in Dodge Ram trucks hide the trucks' emissions, which are above the legal limit.

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45000 miles and engine blown on 2016 eco diesel dealership pulled oil pan and found a lot of pieces of different parts including a bolt. I asked them if it was a cam bolt and they said they thought it might be a rod bolt. I asked if they would check the cam bolts for me and they don't plan on taking top end apart. They said at first it was denied by warranty because of lack of service but I was able to provide all service records and the advisor said they think it will be approved now. I have had nothing but trouble with this truck. will having the new engine lower the resale value I know it would lower the interest in purchasing one but as far as value because I am already upside down on appraisal.

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We have not entered into an attorney client relationship with any attorney/firm. Please let us know if we may be entitled to relief from the defendant.

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I owned a 2015 ecodiesel ram and absolutely loved it. I recently hit 80,000km and had some issues-kinda scary because my warranty expires at 100,000. Turns out it had an issue with the coolant bypass valve which through research- turns into a blown motor with coolant seeping into the oil. Dodge is making me pay 700 to fix and they are completely abandoning me! This truck has been absolutely babied and has never pulled weight, only highway driven.

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