Class Action Lawsuits

Class Action Lawsuits

Filed class action lawsuits seeking claimants. A class action lawsuit is when there is a large group of people who file a complaint against a defendant for similar grievances. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of everyone in the class, that class being a group of people who share similar circumstances, injuries and damages. For example, if there is a food illness class action lawsuit, all plaintiffs in the class would have had the same injury (e.g., salmonella) as a result of eating the same tainted food. A lawyer may file a class action lawsuit on behalf of all injured parties who are seeking compensation from the defendant.

  • Khulumani et al. V. Barclays et al. apartheid
    Khulumani et al. V. Barclays et al. apartheid
    January 1 2003

    A suit has been filed that seeks to hold businesses responsible for aiding and abetting the apartheid regime in South Africa in furtherance of the commission of the crimes of apartheid, forced labor, genocide, extrajudicial killing, torture, sexual...

  • World Trade Center civil rights
    World Trade Center civil rights
    January 1 2003

    This class action lawsuit is a First Amendment challenge to the City of Seattle's creation and enforcement of a "no-protest zone" in downtown Seattle during the 1999 World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference. The suit alleges that the City's...

  • AOL dial up access
    AOL dial up access
    January 1 2003

    Join a federal class action against AOL that contends AOL does not do enough to warn customers that dial up access is not included in their "free" trial. One of the two initial clients in the suit, filed in 2000, is Patricia Colclasure of Shawnee...

  • Ryan's Family Steak Houses Inc. wages
    Ryan's Family Steak Houses Inc. wages
    January 1 2003

    The lawsuit alleges that Ryan's: -- Pays its servers "server wages" of $2.13 an hour to perform non-server duties for which servers receive no tips. -- Adds "tip wages" to its servers pay, which they do not earn, in order to meet minimum...

  • Urgent Care Pharmacy
    Urgent Care Pharmacy
    January 1 2003

    Urgent Care Pharmacy located in Spartanburg, South Carolina is suspected of producing a contaminated steroid pain injection that so far has caused three people to contract fungal meningitis, one of whom has died. State and federal health...

  • Tengasco, Inc. securities
    Tengasco, Inc. securities
    January 1 2003

    Company: Tengasco, Inc. Ticker Symbol: AMEX: TGC Class Period: August 1, 2001 to April 23, 2002 Court: Eastern District, TN Date Filed: Nov-25-02 Case No.: 3-02-CV-644 Allegations: The complaint alleges...

  • Peanut farmers crop insurance
    Peanut farmers crop insurance
    January 1 2003

    This suit is for Virginia and North Carolina peanut farmers only. A breach of contract class action suit has been filed by Virginia and North Carolina peanut farmers protesting a contract change that reduced the amount of crop insurance they...

  • Equity Residential
    Equity Residential
    January 1 2003

    A suit seeking class-action status, has been filed against Chicago-based Equity Residential alleging they unlawfully charges 60 days' rent and a one-month "lease fulfillment fee" to let tenants out of their leases early. The suit, filed in...

  • UBS PaineWebber, Inc.
    UBS PaineWebber, Inc.
    January 1 2003

    A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of all customers of USB Paine Webber, Inc. who purchased shares of Qualcomm, Inc. during the class period Dec-29-99 through Jan-17-02. The complaint alleges that the defendant issued a series of...

  • Scientific Games Corporation (Autotote)
    Scientific Games Corporation (Autotote)
    January 1 2003

    A class action law suit has been filed alleging that the nation's thoroughbred racing bettors may have been deprived of countless millions of dollars in pick-six wagering over the past eight years because of defective software and mismanagement...

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