Chrysler Steering Problems: Inside the So-Called “Death Wobble”

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Kelowna, BCWe’re coming up on the first-year anniversary of Chrysler Dodge Ram Recalls. It was, in fact, early November in 2013 that various media outlets, including The Chicago Tribune and FOX News, trumpeted the massive recall, which arguably became a blemish on the venerable Dodge Ram brand.

Specifically, WJW FOX 8 in Cleveland, Ohio, on November 8 last year reported the recall of 1.2 million Dodge Ram trucks for defective steering-system tie rods. At the time, an estimated 842,400 Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks from model years 2003 to 2008 were recalled.

Two smaller groups included 294,000 Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups from 2008 to 2012 and Ram 1500 4× 4 Mega Cabs from 2008, as well as 43,500 Ram 4500 and 5500 4× and 4 chassis cabs from 2008 to 2012.

In the defective automotive recall, Chrysler Group indicated in its view that about 116,000 of those trucks may have defective tie rods.

Since then there have been various lawsuits alleging defective products, including a class action over the problem. Complaints included an inability to have the problem repaired in a timely fashion, in spite of a reference from the manufacturer that parts would be available starting in January 2014.

The Dodge Ram has been historically popular with contractors, farmers, ranchers and others who require a tough, dependable truck for day-to-day work functions. The brand also appealed to ordinary Americans who simply identified with the brand. “Guts. Glory. RAM.” In the marketing world, it’s an anthem.

However, those who have never experienced Chrysler steering problems may be forgiven for not understanding what all the fuss is about. Until, that is, the day when Ram owner Tim Bradley invited us inside the cab of his truck and took us along for the ride via video. Have a look:

You can see that once it starts, the so-called “Death Wobble” shakes the entire cab violently, to a degree where the driver has trouble controlling the vehicle. In comments included with the YouTube posting, Bradley indicated he had taken it to one dealer, located in Kelowna, BC, only to be told there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. He then reported that another dealer fixed the problem “while they replaced the transmission for the second time [within] 4,000 kilometers (about 2500 miles).”

Earlier this year, Chrysler Group moved to have the defective products class-action lawsuit dismissed. Plaintiffs were not amused.

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I just purchased a 2005 2500 Dodge Ram. I experience the Death Wobble 2 weeks after purchase. I looked on line for causes of the violent shaking and that was the first I heard about the major issue Dodge has with their HD trucks. On line more people say the problem is the track bar. I called a Dodge dealer to see if there were recalls on my truck, the lady told me there were 3. The tie rod end and both air bags. She made an appointment for the next day to fix the recalls. When I went down to take my truck for the service she told me that the tie rod fix may or may not fix the problem. She is from Georgia and told me they had a huge problem down there and she knew the track bar bushings are the major culprit. That ,she said, is why she said it may or may not fix the problem but that is what Dodge said is the issue. I asked if they would check the front end for noticeable problems and she said that it would be $116.00 for diagnostics on the front end. I told her I didn't like the additional cost, but I will pay it because I am afaid to drive the truck over 60 MPH because of the wobble. I have to have it fixed. I just want to be safe driving. My grandkids really like to ride in my new old truck.

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What has happened to dealerships? I just bought my Dodge 3500 ,it's a 2003,a year ago. I bought it at a Ford dealership. Did anyone there know about the recall? Why did they not at least say,did you heaabout a recall on the Dodges because of the steering or tie rods? I use this truck for my livelihood and actually for my life. I have to go 50 miles to Phoenix to chemo sessions and now I am terrified to get in my truck. I experienced the Dodge death wobble ,two weeks ago. I have a chance with chemo to live and now I have to worry about killing myself going down the road on the way to chemo That's ludicrist.Someone from Dodge better call me and fix my truck now or give me another one. That is the right thing to do if they even care.

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“Death Wobble” shakes the entire cab violently, to a degree where i had trouble controlling the vehicle.

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It was on the Police Report that the Steering Caused this accident and please leave me a message

I was Never Informed of this Issue / Recall even after Bringing the Truck straight to the Dodge Dealers.

The police report also states that the Accident was "Due to Steering Issues.

This is common with the HD Rams. They have just issued a recall for steering parts for the '03 - '08 model years, probably to address this issue. It is recall H46, you can go to the Dodge website under the owners tab to see if your truck is affected. You will need the last eight digits of your serial number to find out the info.... Not really an answer but a Statement.
I had a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins HD 4x4, Until 6/30/2015
I'd just dropped my friend off from work, I wasn't, not 200 yards from his house on a back street in Tennessee and I had heard a Bang and I lost Complete Control of my Steering then I side swiped 2 parked cars. Under further investigation I found the Arm that Goes into the Steering Control Box came Completely out of the Box, Linkage and all. I Do Have A Complete Set of Pictures, of The Issue At Hand.

Progressive totaled my Truck which I think is BS, but I'll hopefully get a New truck here soon. I had Fixed The Entire Front End, (Fixed in August 2013) without knowing anything about this steering "Death Wobble". It just happened. The jumping of the Front End and thinking it was the Allingnment, is what I thought. So I checked my front end and the Ball Joints and Tie-Rods were Shot
What gets me is that, I could of Killed Myself and/or Another Family, or MAYBE EVEN MY OWN FAMILY

I have plenty of pictures

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