Total Body Formula: Concern about Permanent Damage

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Whiting, NJLike so many other people exposed to contaminated Total Body Formula Sandra T. (not her real name) had no idea that her health problems were caused by the supplements. In fact, it took awhile for her to be diagnosed with a selenium overdose. Luckily, some of her symptoms of selenium poisoning have abated, but she suffered serious side effects before she stopped taking Total Body supplement.

According to Sandra's husband, Jeff (also not his real name), Sandra had taken Total Body Formula for approximately 15 years and had never had this type of reaction to the supplement. In February, however, she purchased two 32-ounce bottles of peach nectar Total Body Formula. About a week later, she began experiencing the start of serious selenium poisoning side effects.

"She started to have very severe diarrhea, to the point where her doctor had no idea what the problem was," Jeff says. "She was sent to a gastroenterologist. Her diarrhea went on for weeks before she was diagnosed with an overdose of selenium [her selenium levels were three times the upper limit]. In April, she was diagnosed with selenium overdose and we discovered that she purchased her bottles of Total Body Formula from a bad batch.

"I went online and discovered that selenium is water soluble, so Sandra started drinking a lot of water and the diarrhea stopped. Sandra also stopped taking Total Body Formula a few weeks earlier. But, she experienced other symptoms of the selenium. She had extreme fatigue, joint pain in her elbows, knees and toes, muscle spasms and loss of hair. Those things have since abated. One thing that still affects her, though, is that she is losing her nails from the nail bed. She has lost nails from her fingers and toes, so there is still selenium in her system that is causing that.

"They did another blood test in May and that showed that the selenium is working its way out of her system, but I am concerned about whether this has caused permanent damage. Sandra had a bit of confusion during all of this; a lack of comprehension. I would explain something to her and she would have a hard time grasping what was being said. She is also still fatigued. I have a fear that there could be some possible permanent impact to her from all of this."

Consumers who use Total Body Formula to boost their health are understandably shocked that the supplement could have caused such serious health problems. They are left wondering how it is possible that enough selenium to cause an overdose made its way into Total Body Formula without being detected.

People who were exposed to contaminated Total Body Formula may have suffered serious side effects of selenium poisoning, through no fault of their own. If you took Total Body supplements and experienced unexplained hair loss, diarrhea, muscle cramps or spasms, extreme fatigue or any other side effects of selenium overdose, contact a lawyer to discuss your legal options.

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