Class Action News

Class Action News

Class Action Legal News articles include legal news and lawsuit information about lawsuits filed, settlements reached and verdicts rendered in class action cases dealing with personal injury, defective products, bad drugs and other consumer law related news issues. Many of these articles include interviews from top legal professionals with guidance on legal recourse options from losses resulting from bad drugs, medical malpractice, investment fraud, personal injury, defective products and negligent employers.

  • Viagra Victim Blinded
    Viagra Victim Blinded
    August 29, 2007

    Bacula, GA "I was 78 when I first took Viagra— the ads on TV made it sound so appealing," says John H. "Viagra promised to rejuvenate your sex life and I fell for it because at that time I wasn't able to do much anyway." Viagra failed to advertise the side affects and now John is pursuing a class action lawsuit because he is legally blind in one eye.

  • Viagra Caused Eye Stroke?
    Viagra Caused Eye Stroke?
    July 20, 2007

    Brookville, OH My husband got a prescription for Viagra from our family doctor and he took it three or four times a month for 18 months," says Sue M. "But it sure wasn't worth taking for the damage it has done to his eye."

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