Class Action Investigations

Class Action Investigations

Consumer complaints under attorney investigation; no lawsuits filed yet. When certain consumer complaints affect a larger number of individuals, an attorney may begin a class action investigation. The number of people affected in order to begin an investigation can and will vary depending on the nature of the product in question and the complaint involved. For example, a serious auto defect can lead to a loss of many lives and prompt a class action investigation based on a small number of complaints; a mislabeled food product might be recalled but not result in actual injury to anyone and, therefore, not prompt a class action investigation. If an attorney determines there is cause for legal action, a class action investigation can lead to a class action lawsuit being filed.

  • Accura transmission failure
    Accura transmission failure
    May 29 2004

    A law firm is investigating a potential class action against American Honda Motor Company on behalf of vehicle owners whose automatic transmissions prematurely fail. Owners of certain 1999-2003 Acura TLs and CLs report repeated automatic...

  • class action: Tetrazene KGM-90 false advertising lawsuit
    class action: Tetrazene KGM-90 false advertising lawsuit
    May 21 2004

    BioQuest Pharmaceuticals, a division of Nutraquest (formerly known as Cytodyne) is marketing a weight-loss supplement called Tetrazene KGM-90. Tetrazene KGM-90 is advertised as an "extraordinary new weight loss technology" which can "achieve...

  • State Farm Insurance Class Action
    State Farm Insurance Class Action
    May 18 2004

    Insurance companies owe a duty to adjust claims made by their policy holders in good faith. This duty applies to all claims made by policy holders, including personal property claims, i.e., household property, tools, electronic equipment, etc...

  • Daimler Chrysler 2.7 engine failure
    Daimler Chrysler 2.7 engine failure
    May 14 2004

    There have been countless reports from consumers who purchased brand new DaimlerChrysler vehicles with 2.7 liter V6 engines which failed unexpectedly. In these stories, the engine simply seized with low mileage and regular maintenance. When...

  • Turbotax software glitch
    Turbotax software glitch
    May 14 2004

    Turbotax Although Intuit is aware of a glitch in their Turbotax software, that allows the IRS to withdraw funds from accounts, they have failed to be proactive in warning people about this problem. Allegedly, if you hit yes to auto withdrawal...

  • androstenedione
    May 14 2004

    Androstenedione Androstenedione (known as "andro") is advertised as promoting muscle growth and strength, and reducing fat. In March 2004, the FDA warned manufacturers to immediately stop distributing androstenedione-containing products, as the...

  • Unlawful Credit Card Late Charges Lawsuit
    Unlawful Credit Card Late Charges Lawsuit
    May 2 2004

    In 2003, a credit card company transferred its accounts to another company and informed its customers that they should make no further account payments until they received further information. After several months passed, the customers received...

  • Lennox Complete Heat HM30 possible
    Lennox Complete Heat HM30 possible
    April 25 2004

    Lennox Complete Heat HM30 Alleging the system is subject to leaks and expensive repairs. If you feel you qualify for damages or remedies that might be awarded in this class action please fill in our form to submit your complaint. If your...

  • Wendys worms in potatoes
    Wendys worms in potatoes
    March 30 2004

    Wendys A $20 million dollar class action lawsuit has been filed against Wendy's restaurants and the company that supplies them produce. The suit was filed by a woman who was served a baked potato at one of the restaurants, and discovered that...

  • PayPal
    March 9 2004

    Complaints allege that the company is in violation of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act and California statutory and common law. The suit claims that the company fails to provide necessary information, such as an address and telephone number, so...

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