CertainTeed Shingles Defective—that is Certain

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Athens, PAKathleen Rose's roof is not yet 10 years old and it needs to be replaced. "My contractor told me that he had several clients with defective CertainTeed shingles," says Rose. "And he also advised me to file a complaint on your website."

Rose's contractor installed CertainTeed shingles on her roof in November, 1999. "All the old shingles came off; they stripped it right down and put on a new roof," says Rose. "Now the lower part of my shingles are breaking off and blowing away -- leaving only the bottom layer. My shingles are also cracking."

CertainTeed ShinglesRose is a retired widow on a fixed budget; she is in no position to pay for a new roof. "I replaced my roof while I was still working and intended it to last the rest of my life," she says. "Now I need to consider replacing my roof. My contractor did replace the fallen shingles with my leftover shingles, but that is only a temporary solution.

"When I had everything replaced in November, 1999, the shingles alone cost me over $1,000 and labor was over $5,000. I can't afford to have this contractor come back and put down another roof.

I bought them from Robinson's lumber store. When the contractor came over last week to replace the shingles that blew off the roof, he told me to contact LawyersandSettlements and then call CertainTeed. And he told me I was the fourth person he has seen about these defective shingles. I had about 20 CertainTeed shingles left in my shed and he used them—the same lousy kind. He showed me the shingles he replaced. The tar (or whatever goes on the back of the shingles) did not stick so when the wind comes along, it picks the shingles up off the edges and blows them off the roof.

We had heavy winds last night and this morning I walked around my house and saw quite a few shingles curling up. If we have another big windstorm like last night, I think more will blow off. I certainly won't go up there. If you saw my roof, you'd understand—it is very steep.

I wrote a letter to CertainTeed and filled out the form from their website. You are supposed to write down the problems on this form and my daughter helped me—I'm not familiar with the computer like these young 'uns.

I may not be computer savvy but I do believe CertainTeed is liable because I have a 25-year guarantee on these shingles. They have to make good on their guarantee. I can't afford to put shingles on my house every 10 years. And why should I? I was shocked when I looked up to my roof and saw the shingles blowing away.

Right now, all I can do is wait to hear back from CertainTeed and your lawyer, to plan what I am going to do next. I hope I can get involved in a class action lawsuit-- I can't afford to have my roof redone again let alone hire my own lawyer..."

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My house was built in 2002 on Figure 8 Island in NC.
I chose Hatteras Certainteed Shingles because it stated they were used in high wind areas.
Each year, at least twice a year a roofer has had to come out and put 20 or 30 shingles on even though the wind is less than 40 miles an hour.
I have had nothing but problems on this roof. The cost of upkeep has been about 1,000 a year.

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I've had the same problem. I've lost my husband this june, so didn't pay attention to the roof. Who looks at the roof anyway!!!!!!! J Chantland

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