Get the lead out! An Interview with MomsRising President

- by has been letting their 120,000 plus members know about lead paint in Mattel's toys and is encouraging them to sign a petition to stop toxic toys. "If you look at what you have to do for a recall it is confusing," says Joan Blades, President of []."Just the other day, a mother took a huge bag of toys to Mattel and asked, 'You tell me what is safe'. It is confusing."

Momsrising mother and child"These products are clearly flawed," adds Blades. "It is stunning to realize that we are allowing toys with lead paint to get in the hands of young children. And the sad thing is that, over the last several years, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has lost its capacity to keep us safe. Here is the bottom line: the toy companies realize that they need to support the CSPC and promote safety because it is in their interest. They don't want people to be suspicious of all toys."

As well, Momsrising is currently creating a database of its members that are ready to support legislation in order to stop toys with lead paint from entering the US.

"In the 1970s we found out that lead paint was bad and knew we had to be careful -- you can assume it was in toys," Blades says, "and before that time we were unaware." Which begs the question: for how long has Mattel and other toy companies been outsourcing its products; for how long have they been using lead paint? The answer could be well before this summer's recalls.

"We have had a lot of people sign the petition," says Blades. "This week we are sending outreaches telling people about opportunities to support the legislation that will enable the CPSC to be effective and stop these toys from ever getting on the shelf. This legislation is currently in Congress and should be passed asap.

"We have leaders to propose legislation but if they don't get citizen backing, often it won't happen," explains Blades.

"Please visit our website and sign the [petition] to stop toxic toys—enough is enough!"

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