Week Adjourned: 11.27.09

Stork drop-down side cribs recalled; new class action filedTop Class Actions

Well, it certainly didn’t take long—48 hours maybe—after a US/Canada recall of over 2 million Stork Craft drop side cribs was issued that a class action lawsuit was filed.

Filed on behalf of all US and Canadian consumers who purchased baby cribs manufactured by Stork Craft Manufacturing, the lawsuit is seeking financial compensation for the owners of those cribs.

The recall was big news, not simply because of the number of cribs recalled, but sadly, and more importantly because of the incidents reported to the CPSC and Health Canada that prompted the recall. Specifically, 4 deaths by suffocation in the US and numerous serious falls—110 incidents in total. 

Important to note—the Stork Craft cribs may have been sold under various brand names such as Fisher-Price. Other defendants named in the suit include Sears Canada, and both the US and Canadian arms of Fisher-Price and Wal-Mart. Toys R Us is named as a defendant in Quebec.

Top Settlements

Breast Cancer Victims win Big Against Hormone Replacement Therapy Maker

Two women who each filed a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies that make hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have both won their cases with awards of $34 million to one and $78 million to the other.

On November 20, Donna Kendall was awarded over $6 million in compensatory damages Continue reading “Week Adjourned: 11.27.09”

Week Adjourned: 11.20.09

Hey—is it Revenge of the Geek week?It's Geek Week at Week Adjourned

Top Class Actions

Microsoft Boxing Out Gamers? Microsoft got hit with a possible class action this week, over allegations that it unfairly banned Xbox Live Servicefrom subscribers with modified Xbox consoles.

The issues relate to modifications made to Xbox consoles by tens of thousands of Xbox owners, which are against the terms of use for Xbox/Xbox Live, and Microsoft’s decision to ban those consoles. The lawsuit—which is now seeking lead plaintiffs—alleges that the timing of the ban was designed to avoid revenue losses that would have resulted had Microsoft implemented the ban prior to the release of the blockbuster Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game, or less than two months after the release of Halo 3: ODST.

The class action includes anyone who has had their Xbox console modified and banned from Xbox Live, and did not receive a refund for the prorated time left on the Xbox Live subscription.

YoCash is OurCash Now? Facebook and Zynga are also facing a class action, alleging that they Continue reading “Week Adjourned: 11.20.09”

Week Adjourned: 11.13.09

Zero to 100 with zero intention? Not what Toyota intended...Top Class Actions

Sued for SUA? Toyota…Unintended Acceleration Fast-Tracked to Class Action. A national class action was filed this week against Toyota Motor Corporation on behalf of Toyota and Lexus owners, alleging that the cars are prone to ‘sudden unintended acceleration’ (SUA).

So what the heck is SUA? Well, in short, a situation where your car takes off or accelerates or gets stuck in ‘go’ mode—without intention—your intention.

As yet there’s no definitive explanation for SUA. Toyota has reportedly cited that it could be due to ill fitting floor mats getting stuck around the gas pedal…but the lawyers aren’t buying. Legal Continue reading “Week Adjourned: 11.13.09”

Week Adjourned: 11.06.09

Home Appraisals anyone's guess with price fixingTop Class Actions

Business Ethics 2009: “Conspiring to Manipulate”—it’s sort of the theme in this week’s class actions…read on… 

Homeowners High-Jacked on Home Appraisals? A Central Florida homeowner forced into foreclosure has filed a class-action lawsuit against KB Home, Countrywide Financial and LandSafe Appraisal Services.

The allegations? Price-fixing, in a nutshell, or “conspiring to manipulate.” The suit claims that the three companies conspired to rig housing prices in Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina, costing home purchasers millions of dollars, and fueling the collapse of the region’s housing market. That’s no mean feat. 

The companies managed this, allegedly, by using a well-planned scheme to control the typically independent appraisal process, jacking up home values, which, in turn, were used to determine the value of other homes sold by KB, affecting thousands of homeowners. 

If you live in Florida, South Carolina or North Carolina and used Countrywide and LandSafe Continue reading “Week Adjourned: 11.06.09”