Week Adjourned: 3.30.18 – Facebook, Kellogg’s, Uber

Top Class Action Lawsuits

Facebook. ‘Nuff said, right? You knew it was coming! Facebook and Cambridge Analytica got hit with a privacy violations class action lawsuit this week,  filed by a man in Houston who alleges, on behalf of 50 million Facebook users, that they could be impacted by the massive data breach perpetrated by the defendants. You think?

Plaintiff Mathew Lodowski filed the complaint naming Facebook, the data company Cambridge Analytica LLC, New York businessman Robert Leroy Mercer and psychology professor Aleksandr Kogan, of Cambridge, England, as defendants.

According to the complaint, private and personal profile data were taken from Facebook users without their knowledge or consent, “in excess of the authorization granted by Facebook and Facebook users, in violation of the Stored Communications Act,” and Facebook “failed to protect its user data, and … failed to take reasonable measure necessary to retrieve the data … and notify its users … and only spoke publicly on the issue after news stories exposed their negligent behavior.”

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Week Adjourned: 3.23.18 – Kibbles ‘n Bits, Fingerhut, PlayStation

Top Class Action Lawsuits

Got a dog? Feed your best friend Kibbles ‘n Bits ? You might want to read this. The Smuckers-owned dog food company is facing a consumer fraud  class action lawsuit over allegations it used unsafe ingredients in its dog food – despite advertising that the food was safe.

Filed by plaintiff Rosmarie Schirripa, the complaint claims that recently done tests of JM Smucker Co’s subsidiary Big Heart Pet Brands Inc. dog food shows that the food contains pentobarbital, a substance used to euthanize animals. Pentobarbital was found in samples Big Heart’s Kibbles ‘n Bits canned dog food. Don’t think that falls into the vitamins and mineral category.

“Pentobarbital is a Class II controlled substance and there is no safe or set level for pentobarbital in pet food. If it is present, the food is adulterated,” the complaint states.
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Week Adjourned: 3.16.18 – Orbit Baby, Family Dollar, GMO Corn

It’s all settlements this week.

Parent Alert! First, heads up for owners of Orbit Baby car seats and accessories. A settlement has been reached in a consumer fraud class action lawsuit against Orbit Baby, Inc, which alleges deceptive marketing practices. Continue reading “Week Adjourned: 3.16.18 – Orbit Baby, Family Dollar, GMO Corn”

Week Adjourned: 3.9.18 – Brew Dr. Kombucha, MAC, Price Chopper

Top Class Action Lawsuits

Something Brewing at Dr. Kombucha? The maker of kombucha beverages, is facing a potential consumer fraud class action lawsuit over allegations it overstates the benefits of its fermented teas, specifically the amount of colony forming bacteria in each bottle. Consumers allege they’re being duped because they buy kombucha drinks for their probiotic content in particular, according to the lawsuit. Continue reading “Week Adjourned: 3.9.18 – Brew Dr. Kombucha, MAC, Price Chopper”

Week Adjourned: 3.2.18 – Nature’s Bounty, Honda Airbags, Trump Golf

Top Class Action Lawsuits

Biotin a bit bogus? A consumer fraud class action lawsuit has been filed in New York against The Nature’s Bounty Co. alleging the supplement maker misrepresents its biotin supplements as being able to improve hair, skin and nails. According to the plaintiffs, the product actually is an unnecessary addition to the amounts of biotin that a healthy person typically consumes each day. Continue reading “Week Adjourned: 3.2.18 – Nature’s Bounty, Honda Airbags, Trump Golf”