Week Adjourned: 9.3.10

Top Class Actions

Dishonorable Disbursements? Prudential Financial is facing a potential class action brought by the families of six dead soldiers who allege that the life insurance company is profiteering from the deceased soldiers’ policies with various bookkeeping maneuvers. Specifically, the suit accuses the company of misrepresenting the way beneficiaries could collect lump-sum payouts, and that the company profits from this. Read on.

The lawsuit was filed by parents of soldiers who died in Iraq, Afghanistan, El Salvador and after returning to the U.S. They live in Massachusetts, California, Illinois, Maryland, and Texas. They are claiming that Prudential holds the money in a $200 billion general account which earns five percent to six percent in interest, and that beneficiaries claims are only paid into an “Alliance” account when a beneficiary requests it. The company then pays the claim out at the lower interest rate keeping the difference in interest earned. One attorney for the plaintiffs estimates that the lost interest could amount to as much as $20,000 to $30,000 for families who let the money sit in Prudential’s accounts. That’s certainly worth pursuing.

If the suit is granted class action status, tens of thousands of beneficiaries who received payments under group life insurance policies for military members and veterans created by Congress and administered by Prudential may be affected.

Top Settlements

Frown Lines for Allergan. Big news on the pharmaceutical front this week. Allergan Therapeutic Inc—you may have heard of them—they make Botox—has agreed to plead Continue reading “Week Adjourned: 9.3.10”