Week Adjourned: 5.10.13 – Capital One, H&R Block, QuickTrim

The weekly wrap of top class action lawsuits and settlements for the week ending May 10, 2013. Top stories include Capital One, H&R Block, QuickTrim

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Not “What’s in your wallet?” but… “Who’s in Your Wallet – Again?” Can you guess? Yup—Capital One Bank. This time they’re facing a consumer fraud class action lawsuit alleging its Best Buy co-branded credit cards have an annual fee, in contrast to the advertising for the card, which claims there is no fee. Make sense?

Here’s the backstory. Filed by John Graham, the potential Capital One class action entitled, John Graham v. Capital One Bank (USA), NA, Case No. 13-cv-743, U.S. District Court, Central District of California, alleges that Graham applied for a “no annual fee” Best Buy Reward Zone Credit Card from Capital One but was issued a card that had an annual fee of $39. According to the lawsuit, disclosures for the credit card clearly stated in large type: “Annual Fee: NONE.” Graham claims that had he known there would by an annual fee, he would not have applied for the Capital One Best Buy credit card. FYI Best Buy is not named as a defendant.

This is a national lawsuit, so it seeks to represent all US residents who, between May 8, 2011 and the present, submitted a Best Buy Reward Zone Credit Card Application containing a promise of “no annual fee” but who were subsequently mailed a Capital One credit card that carries an annual fee. Gotcha! (pun intended).

H&R Block Lawsuits Piling Up. Another consumer fraud class action lawsuit has been filed against H&R Block, this time by a woman in Indiana on behalf of some 600,000 people allegedly affected by faulty tax returns prepared by the tax services company. H&R Block acknowledged the filing glitch earlier this year.

Plaintiff Lisa Marie Waugh filed the H&R Block class action lawsuit in federal court in April. The class action law suit claims that Missouri-based H&R Block incorrectly prepared hundreds of thousands of tax returns, and due to those errors tax refunds were delayed by as much as six weeks beyond when they supposed date of payment.

The problem specifically relates to a change in the way the IRS processes certain yes or no questions on this year’s tax forms. Previously, tax preparers like H&R Block could leave a space blank to indicate “no,” but now they must enter an “N.”

However, H&R Block did not update its software in time and follow the new IRS rule. According to an email H&R Block President Bill Cobb sent to customers, anyone that filed their returns before February 22 was affected by the technical glitch, the Indystar.com reports.

According to the lawsuit, some customers lost their eligibility for student loan and grant programs that are dependent upon proper tax filings.

Top Settlements

QuickTrim—the Diet Product that’s not only Light on Calories…This week, a proposed settlement was announced, which, if approved, would end the consumer fraud class action lawsuit pending against the Kardashian sisters, their product QuickTrim, and several retailers. LawyersandSettlements.com first reported on the QuickTrim lawsuit back in March, 2012.

Specifically, the QuickTrim settlement resolves allegations that improper statements were made on the labels and in advertisements for the Quicktrim Weight Loss System® and its component products including QuickTrim Sugar & Carb Cheater®, QuickTrim Fast Cleanse®, QuickTrim Extreme Burn®, QuickTrim Burn & Cleanse®, QuickTrim Hot Stix®, QuickTrim Fast Shake®, QuickTrim Satisfy®, and QuickTrim Celluslim® (“The Products”).

Unless you purchased directly from QuickTrim you must submit a timely Claim Form to get compensation or a coupon. Direct Purchasers will automatically receive payments unless they chose to receive a coupon by submitting a Claim Form or exclude themselves from the Settlement.

To download claim forms, learn more about your options, and for general information on the lawsuit, visit https://www.anayasupplementsettlement.com.

The laundry list of defendants, who, not surprisingly, admit no wrongdoing, includes Quick Trim LLC., Windmill Health Products, LLC, Kimberly Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian-Odom, Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Jenner Communications, Inc., Kimsaprincess, Inc., Khlomoney Inc., 2Die4Kourt, Inc., GNC Corp., CVS Pharmacy, Inc., Walmart Corp., Amazon.com Inc., Drugstore.com., Christopher Tisi, Vitaquest International, LLC. (“collectively “the Quick Trim Parties” or “Defendants”).

And on that note, it’s time to consume some calories…

That’s a wrap. See you at that bar…Happy Friday folks and Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there!