Week Adjouned: 5.29.09

Top Settlements

Tyson Foods. Have you ever wondered what happens to settlement monies that aren’t claimed in a class action lawsuit? Well, here’s a neat story about just that issue. Tyson Foods was sued 7 years ago, over allegations that it bulked up the weight on its chickens by soaking them in water. Tyson lost the case, but not all the settlement monies were claimed. So, they have taken the unclaimed funds and purchased 1.7 million pounds of chicken, (nearly $2.3 million worth of birds) and donated them to food banks across Illinois.

One to watch…

Just a heads up—the FDA has recommended stronger warnings for over-the-counter and prescription branded and generic products containing the pain medication acetaminophen. The reason? It’s associated with a high rate of liver injury. So watch this space because this is a developing story.

Week’s adjourned for us…we’ll see you at the bar…

Oh, and if you hit Hooters this weekend, remember, your tips might be paying for those skimpy outfits—so please don’t skimp.

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