Week Adjourned: 6.5.09

Guess they’re off the (Sky)bus. (Apologies to Jim Collins on that one.) Skybus employees are finally going to benefit from legal action they took over a year ago against their former and now defunct employer. The laid off employees accused the airline of violating the WARN act, by not giving them 60 days notice in advance of plant closures and mass layoffs. The $925,000 settlement, approved in US Bankruptcy Court in Delaware, will be split so that $2,500 will go to each of the 2 workers who led the 342-person class, while the remaining ex-employees will receive about $1,800 a person.

Seeing Red? ReNu with MoistureLoc contact lens solution lawsuits are being settled by the hundreds apparently. Why go to court if you don’t have to? At least that seems to be Bausch & Lomb’s take on it. The company has reportedly settled almost 600 lawsuits stemming from fungal infections caused by their lens cleaner. Seven people had to have an eye removed and a further 60 required corneal transplants to prevent vision loss as a result of contracting the fungal infection. So far this has cost B&L $250 million, but experts believe the final figure could be double that because there dozens of suits remain outstanding. But hey—B&L reportedly generated $100 million in annual sales revenue from MoistureLoc. 

Ok—that’s it for this week. We’re off to the bar…

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