Week Adjourned: 7.2.10

Top Class Actions

Remember Zicam? The homeopathic cold remedy that claims to “knock out sinus congestion fast.” Well, speaking of knock-outs—the makers of Zicam got hit with a class action lawsuit this week, alleging injuries including loss of sense of smell and diminished sense of taste as a result of using Zicam Cold Remedy Gel.  

Russell Surette, the lead plaintiff, claims use of the product caused him diminishment of the senses of smell and taste and economic damage in the amount of the purchase price paid for the product. And it seems he’s not the only one. LawyersAndSettlements.com has interviewed a number of Zicam-users who have suffered similar adverse effects after using these products.  

In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to consumers to stop using three Zicam Cold Remedy Products after the products were linked to the loss of the sense of smell (anosmia). The FDA made the announcement after receiving more than 130 reports of anosmia linked to the products. 

Russell and the class are seeking compensation and other for permanent loss of the sense of smell and diminishment in his sense of taste, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and recovery of the price paid for the product. 

Top Settlements 

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